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Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom is a web conferencing platform available to faculty at Saint Mary’s College. See below for more information about features, and how to access the Zoom service, or request a Pro account.  If you

User Guide: TV setup

Setting up TV's on the Saint Mary's cable TV system consists of 3 steps: Physically connecting TV to coaxial cable network Confirming TV has an internal QAM tuner or supplying external QAM tuner

DUO Multi Factor Authentication

Duo Security is a company that provides a cloud-based software service that utilizes two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to services and data. This factor is available on MySMC for Faculty and Staff. Read about how it works here. ... What is Duo Security? Duo Security is a company that provides a cloud-based software service that utilizes two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to services and data. What is Two-Factor

Basic Personal Computing Device Security Guidelines

We all want to be safe, and have a network that is fast and always available. Here are some recommendations that we in SMC IT Services hope you'll consider as ground rules beyond our ability to enforce them while you are on campus or using Internet-connected SMC resources. ... or loss of files, loss of e-mail and email system delays, confidential information disclosure, network slowdown and disruption, and attacks on other computers and networks, such as denial of service

Moodle - Access/Login

.   If you don’t have a SMC account, you will not have access to Moodle or any other SMC-related systems. Please inform your hiring manager . Your hiring manager should get the SMC account creation

Getting started with Polycom X30/Zoom Room

required video conferencing service. A Laptop with HDMI output can also be connected to an HDMI bypass connection on the X30. (additional HDMI cable required) The X30 is accompanied by a Poly

Moodle - How to: Downloading papers for program/department review

doing the downloads.  To Request This Role Call the Service Desk (925) 631-4266. Best practice is for the program director, chair, or dean to make the call, specifying the individual who is

Moodle - How to: Integrate an External Tool

. Data includes rosters, roles, and grades. Most often, your browser opens a new tab in which to to use the third-party system. Moodle calls these "External Tools." These include, but are not limited to

LastPass End User FAQ's

create an account and complete the setup process.  3. I lost my invite, how do i get a new one? Please call or enter a ticket with the Service Desk. A member from the IT Security team will issue you

Illegal File Sharing FAQ

sophisticated systems that crawl the internet to detect copies of songs, movies and software, owned by their clients, that are located on individual computing devices that are on the internet. When a copyright

FAQ: Campus Authentication Portal

) 631-4266 Email Support: Q: I got locked out of OneLogin: what do I do? When a user has entered his or her password incorrectly too many times the system will

AIRTAME: connecting from a MacOS and Windows device.

the Applications folder to open it.   CONNECTING TO AIRTAME IN THE CLASSROOM Click to open the Airtame application and the following window will appear. Click on the button, Request

Canvas - How to: Set up Proctorio for an online New Quiz

Integrity system called Proctorio.  It is intended for use during on-line tests using Canvas.   It can record a user’s screen, and use Artificial Intelligence to catch a student who’s cheating by web

Simple Syllabus of a Combined Course in Canvas

Teacher of the combined course, but need to use Simple Syllabus, please contact the Service Desk and submit a ticket. Important note about using Simple Syllabus for combined courses After a "course

How to: Chromebook setup instructions

community.  Chromebooks are a newer type of computer that runs the Chrome opperating system that is designed by Google.  A Chromebook is neither a Windows PC nor a Mac and cannot run Windows nor Mac