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Zoom: Schedule a Meeting

window appears (B), click <Start Zoom Meeting> or <Join Zoom Meeting>. (B)  More detailed information on how to schedule meetings from Zoom Help Center:

Web Conferencing: Google Meet

information Once the meeting is launched you can send the joining info to others, or add someone by phone To begin a meeting from Google Calendar: Open Google Calendar and create a new event, then

GaelXpress Overview

GaelXpress is a way for students, faculty and staff to access their Saint Mary’s information on the web. Students use GaelXpress for paying bills, checking pay stubs, searching for classes, checking

Creating a GMail Signature

An email signature is a bit of text, such as a user’s contact information or a favorite quote, that’s automatically inserted at the bottom of every message they send. To create a new signature

FAQ: Google Drive

menu select Drive. Key in this or click on this url  and log in with your SMC account information. Q:  What kind of files can I store on my Google

Phishing Example: Google Doc Phishing Message

can take many forms, but they all share a common goal – getting you to share sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, or bank account details. Although we maintain

Asset Management Process

type be used. If the information you are entering doesn't exist under that specific field, i.e. Product Model, Supplier, etc., you will need to create it by clicking on +New on the main screen of TDX

Zoom Student: Online Office Hours

confirmation that your Speaker and Microphone are working properly and you can <Join with Computer audio>.  More detailed information on how to join a meeting:

Moodle - How to: Use Course Participation Report to Email students

information or what activity you’re referencing, so you should include these in your message.  Note also that on this page you can remove any intended recipients, and that there is a Preview option

Google Sites - Basic instructions

to your Sites, on the left side, select <Create> and choose <in new Sites>. 3. A new site would be created, enter the name of the site (A) and the title of the page (B).  4. You can start

Moodle - How to: Add a Discussion Forum

or replies.  This is controlled by the Subscription mode setting in the forum's Edit settings page.  For more information, see the official Moodle documentation.

Transferring your Google account (Google Takeout)

Google Takeout gives users the ability to archive and download content on core Google Applications. Takeout will then process the request and put all the files into a zip file. Takeout then

Scanning Documents

There are several scanning locations in the library.  To receive help or to learn how to scan a document or item, visit the Tech Bar located on the first floor of the library. Our scanners can create PDF, JPG and PNG files.

FAQ: GMail

information throughout the community while also efficiently managing and organizing emails and contacts. Q:  How can I access Gmail? A:  There are three ways to access a user’s SMC Gmail account

Simple Syllabus of a Combined Course in Canvas

. → However, if the syllabus information you intend to provide to students of the different sections is different (such as a different course schedule and/or different materials), and/or you want to