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FAQ: Google Slides

Google Drive on the internet, meaning the user can collaborate and share their Google Slides with others. For more information, please visit Google’s support site for an overview of Google Slides. Q

How to: Embed a YouTube video into a course page

video streaming systems may work in a similar way. Essentially, you use the options in the video player to copy some HTML (the Embed code) into your clipboard, then paste it into the web page editor

Zoom: Breakout Room *new option* - "Let participants choose room " ( Zoom Update 10/20 )

participants have been assigned to Breakout Rooms", since they are all enabled to choose their own room.      NOTE: For more information, visit Zoom Help Center for Participating in Breakout Rooms

DUO - Using The Self-Service Portal

Duo's self-service portal saves time for users by eliminating the need to contact the IT Service Desk for authentication device changes. Your users can add, edit, and remove authentication factors from the already familiar Duo Prompt page. ... authentication, then shows the device management portal. For additional information about using the self-service portal, see Add a New Device and My Settings & Devices in the Duo user guide.   * Links will open in a new window.

Moodle - How to: Use Gradebook to Sort by Grade

to have the Course total column on the left, Last (or default) to have it show to the right. More information can be found on the Moodle main site.

Google Forms

Drive". 5. Move the shared folder into the folder you created initially. You can right-click on the folder/file and click Move to. For more information, please visit the Google Support Site for Google Forms.

Moodle - How to: Change the Course Site Format

of weeks that should be represented from the Number of Sections menu. If the course start date is incorrect in Moodle, contact the Registrar to change it, as Moodle syncs this information with Colleague

Moodle - How To: remove a user

Because Moodle is connected to the Registrar's records, if a Student drops a class, he/she is automatically dropped from its Moodle course.  Therefore, a Teacher does not have to manually drop

Zoom: Host Share screen control

create an arrow; <Format> let you choose the color, and <Save> allows you to save the information you have created in whiteboard. Remember to <Stop Share> when you are done.

Zoom: Starting a meeting

confirmation that your Speaker and Microphone are working properly and you can <Join with Computer audio>.  NOTE: More detailed information on how to start a meeting as the host from Zoom Help Center

FAQ: Phone in Residence Halls

provided is free local and domestic long distance. To request a phone line for your residence hall contact IT Services. Have the following information available: complete building name, room number, and

User Guide: SMC Email using Thunderbird

currently set up, then Thunderbird will automatically ask for the user’s account information. Otherwise, users will need to add a new account by going to Tools in the top bar, selecting Account Settings

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a secure password manager that remembers your online account passwords so you don’t have to. Save a site to LastPass with just a few clicks, and LastPass will automatically fill in the credentials for you when you next need to log in to that site. ... . LastPass never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information is available to you, and only you. Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption. Device and Platform

How-To Redeem a LastPass Premium license

email address and LastPass master password.  For additional information about how to use LastPass, click here for the LastPass support page and the LastPass online video archive.  Note:  If

Migrating SMC gmail data to another gmail account.

The difference is that Google Takeout compacts the data you choose into a ZIP file to download. The download is for YOU to unpack and deal with the files contained within. This can be a daunting task ... Migrating your SMC gmail data with Google Takeout/Transfer Use the following information to migrate your SMC gmail data to another gmail account.   If you are trying to move your SMC gmail