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How to: Chromebook setup instructions

community.  Chromebooks are a newer type of computer that runs the Chrome opperating system that is designed by Google.  A Chromebook is neither a Windows PC nor a Mac and cannot run Windows nor Mac

Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom is a web conferencing platform available to faculty at Saint Mary’s College. See below for more information about features, and how to access the Zoom service, or request a Pro account.  If you

FAQ: Technology Purchasing

information ... operating system or how to use included software like the Microsoft Office Suite. Some non-standard and special order items may not include some or all of the above mentioned services, and are subject

Web Portal Overview (My.SMC)

The Web Portal for Saint Mary's College is called "My Saint Mary’s" and is found at A portal is, very broadly, a one page gateway that connects you to SMC services and information

Moodle - How To: Add and Remove Topics

Courses can be divided into sections or "topics" to organize Resources and Activities for students. Each topic can have a name and summary followed by Activities and Resources.  By default they are

Printing Costs and Credits

receives a $25 credit to their GaelPrint account on the first day of the Fall semester and again for the Spring semester. This credit is equivalent to the cost of printing 500 free black and white pages. Printed pages in excess of the allotted credit will be charged and billed to the student's account.

Data/Internet Port Activation Information

As in this example, you can find the "Plate Number" and the "Data Port Number" on the wall plate in your room.  The "Data Port Number" typically starts with a "D". If you can't find this information, just enter "N/A".

How-To Secure Your Android Device

devices, such as your smartphone and tablet, store a tremendous amount of personal and sensitive information, including your contacts, photos, text messages, and online activity. As such, be sure to protect these devices. ... had been saved on the device. SENSITIVE INFORMATION Do not store Saint Mary's College information (and personally owned) sensitive information (SMC ID, SSNs, credit card numbers, private

Email Lists for Staff and Faculty

This document explains how staff and faculty are assigned to email lists at SMC. The difference between all.staff@stmarys and all.faculty@stmarys versus staff@stmarys and faculty@stmarys. Note

Clearing Browser Data - Cache and Cookies

cookies-and-history ... When you use a browser some information is saved from websites in the browser's cache and cookies. Clearing out this data can sometimes fix certain problems, like loading a web page or logging in to

Moodle - How to: Add and Remove Blocks

Introduction Blocks are bits of functionality that normally live in the left menu or the left slide-out menu.  If you click Turn editing on, you can add blocks, and move blocks about to the right

FAQ: General File Sharing and Passwords

General tips and tricks regarding IT Security. ... , or information that can be obtained such as an address or birth date. Use strong passwords that are at least eight characters.  They should include at least one number and a special character and

Chromebook and Android Connect to SMC WiFi

To connect your Chromebook to the SMC-Wifi wireless network, follow the steps below.   1. Click the network icon. 2. in the lower-right corner of your screen. 3.Select your network status from

Moodle - How to: Add a Folder and Add Files into that Folder

where you want to place the folder, and click its Add an activity or resource link. From the Add an activity or resource dialog box, scroll down below Resources and click Folder, and click Add. At

Back on campus and I can't connect to SMC-WiFI

Do this when you can't connect to the SMC-WiFi. Our WiFi security certificate gets up updated periodically and if you haven't been on campus in a few months, then you will most likely run into WiFi connectivity issues. ... top of the screen Click on Network Preferences… Click on the 'Advance' button in the pop up window Scroll down and select the SMC-WiFi from the list of Preferred Networks Click on the minus