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ITS Service Desk Service Level Agreement

systems affected by the issue. At this point the Service Desk analyst assigns an initial impact and urgency to calculate the priority of a service request.        Request Prioritization The

LastPass End User FAQ's

mobile devices to help manage mobile logins. LastPass supports every major smartphone and tablet, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices. More information is also available on

Saint Mary's College User/Email Account Deletion Procedure

California students are normally deleted 6 months after graduation or 6 months after the student record is no longer active with SMC. Accounts for faculty, and staff are normally deleted upon termination of

FAQ: Requirements for Cable Television Service

All televisions on campus must contain a QAM digital tuner to receive cable channels. Older analog televisions are no longer compatible with the college's cable TV system. Most televisions today are

User Guide: Technology Quick Start Guide for Staff

provides students, faculty, and staff with a primary point of contact for computer help and questions concerning service provided by ITS. GaelXpress - Manage budgets, receive pay and benefits information

Moodle - How to: Setup up Proctorio for an Online Quiz

Integrity system called Proctorio.  It is intended for use during on-line tests using Moodle.   It can record a user’s screen, and use Artificial Intelligence to catch a student who’s cheating by web

FAQ: Moodle & TurnItIn

:// and known issues are posted here: (both of these open a new tab or window). I'm a faculty member. How do I create a TurnItIn assignment

Zoom Kit - How to Use, Reserve, and Video Demonstration

Zoom Kits consist of a webcamera, high quality USB Microphone, and a tripod with all the cables you need to connect to your laptop. Do you need a zoom kit? IF you are having a Zoom meeting with a ... tripod and all necessary cables for laptop connection. Here are some of the most popular applications: Job panel Interviews with the option to record to the cloud. Classroom guests via zoom

User Guide: TV setup

Setting up TV's on the Saint Mary's cable TV system consists of 3 steps: Physically connecting TV to coaxial cable network Confirming TV has an internal QAM tuner or supplying external QAM tuner

AIRTAME: connecting from a MacOS and Windows device.

recordings. Click on the button, Open System Preferences. A screen recording window will appear, prompting you to Open System Preferences. Click on that button… The Security and Privacy

Student Learning Tips & Tricks

Windows - NVDA , Chrome - Read Aloud Extension Voice dictation: Apple - System Preferences>Keyboard> Dictation, Windows - Windows logo key + H, Chrome - Voice In Voice Typing extension, Google Docs - tools > voice type speaker notes

Illegal File Sharing FAQ

Frequently Asked Question regarding illegal file sharing and DMCA notices. ... sophisticated systems that crawl the internet to detect copies of songs, movies and software, owned by their clients, that are located on individual computing devices that are on the internet. When a copyright

How To: GaelPhone Software phone

Mac or Windows software that resides on your computer. Follow the steps below to install. 1. Download GoToConnect for your operating system: Mac Windows 2. Open and run the downloaded

Start the Zoom Meeting that is in your Moodle Course Site

sign in. Click <Sign in to start> and enter your SSO (SMC username and password) information. The screenshot below is an example of what you might see. If not able to sign in, please see NOTE below

Moodle - How To: Create an Interactive Video Quiz

questions you want to ask. For each question, decide and record: The question you want to ask. The correct answer and the alternatives you'll provide. A brief (15-30 characters