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Attendance2 Quickstart

). Has a comments field for each student for each day. Uses American date format. Students can see their attendance record online, and alert you of mistakes. Their ID photos appear in the SMC Roster report, you don't have to take separate pictures.

Moodle - How To: Use the Journal Activity

Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course site. Introduction The Moodle journal activity module allows teachers to collect online text from students, review it and provide feedback and/or grades

Moodle - How To: Have Students Record Directly into Moodle

record video directly into Moodle.  This includes almost every text input box.  Users can record video, record audio, take a snapshot, or draw on a digital whiteboard.  The tool is called Poodll, and

Moodle - How to: Add a TurnItIn assignment

 TurnItIn submissions directly in the TurnItIn website.  Instructions Starting at the course site homepage, click Turn Editing On. Decide which section you want the file to be and click its

FAQ: Campus Authentication Portal

. The SSO components as well as various other security controls and logic will be handled in the back end through OneLogin. The new MySMC lets you sign in once and get access to all of your cloud

Moodle: Using rubrics in Assignments

. Note that Turnitin assignments use a different rubric system. Instructions Create an Assignment activity.  See the relevant quickstart guide, How to add a Moodle "file submission

Polycom Desk Phone Quick Guide-Polycom VVX Models

Overview The Polycom VVX series phones are the Saint Mary's standard physical phones that have been deployed for the CloudPBX Gaelphone system.  This is a quick listing of how to perform common

Google JamBoard (Mobile Application: Tablets & phones)

Advantages: Digital whiteboard that lets you and your collaborators (or students) sketch ideas or solve problems using a digital pen to write (such as Wacom Pen Tablet). Website version and

Moodle - How To: Import Content from One Course Site to Another

Course activities and resources may be imported from any other course that the teacher has editing permissions in. This will allow teachers to re-use instead of re-create. Prerequisites These

Zoom: Curious about Zoom Bombing? Here are the Best Ways to Secure Your SMC Zoom Meetings

Zoom is the videoconference platform used by SMC for teaching, meetings, online events and business meetings.  Unfortunately, your Zoom meetings are wide open to hijacking if you don't know how to

FAQ: Wireless Network

-WiFi SSID, the operating system on the device you are using will prompt you for your SMC username and password.  After that, you will be prompted to trust a certificate that will encrypt your

Applications | Programs on Library Computers

This is the current listing of programs / applications available on the library computers. The listing includes information for both Macs and PC's. ... PC Microsoft Access 2016 MS Visio 2016 MS Word 2016 MS Excel 2016  MS Publisher 2016 MS Powerpoint 2016 Java R Studio IBM SPSS Statistics (Python)   Macs, Printer B