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Moodle: How to - Embed Echo360 Media into Moodle

display the video, and click Add an Activity or Resource  Select Page Give the page a name that identifies either the video you are posting or the purpose for posting it. Scroll down

User Guide: Cable TV Channel Lineup

Cable Channels Provided by Comcast/Xfinity Users will need to perform a channel scan on their TV before they will be able to view the HDTV channels. Information on channel scanning can be found on

FAQ: Security Awareness Training

down to see the module you want to check for completion and see if there is a check mark in a box to the right of the module. If there is no check mark for the module, then you have either not

FAQ: Replacement

Q: When will my College-owned computing equipment be replaced? College-owned desktop and laptop computers for full time staff and faculty are replaced on a 4.5 year replacement cycle. You can

Moodle - How to: Add an Essay questions to a quiz

Relevant to: Faculty Introduction The Quiz activity allows the teacher to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short

Efax on GoTo Connect/Jive

existing department multi-function printers, generally Ricoh devices,  can scan documents for you at no charge. Q. Does our phone system support eFax? A: Yes, our current CloudPBX phone system (GoTo

Slate - Admissions CRM

Slate is the Admissions Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that has been implemented in 2017. All Admissions offices will be using a single cloud-based system to process and communicate

Authenticating with DUO on MySMC

Multi-factor authentication from Duo protects your account on MySMC by using a second source of validation, like a phone or token, to verify user identity before granting access. Duo is engineered to provide a simple, streamlined login experience for every user and any application. ... Using the Duo Prompt Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8 or later. After completing Duo enrollment through the MySMC Portal, you'll see the Duo Prompt

Student Pictures in SMC Roster report

, or select All users to show all students. If a student's spot says, "Image not found," that means their picture isn't in the ID photo system.  The current ID Photos system has only been in place

Trusting SMC-WiFi

formation of the trust relationship between your device and the College's WiFi. Some devices, notably MacOS and iOS devices from Apple, display the “not trusted” message because they are unable to find the

Moodle - How to: Integrate an External Tool

. Data includes rosters, roles, and grades. Most often, your browser opens a new tab in which to to use the third-party system. Moodle calls these "External Tools." These include, but are not limited to

Moodle - How to: Add a Infobase: Learning Cloud Module

as course design, online instruction, and accessibility.  It has student modules such as creating a better presentation, PowerPoint, and goal setting. These can be embedded in your Moodle course for


Apple MacBook Air 13" Laptop Processor: Apple M2 chip wth 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, and 16-core Neutral Engine Operating System: Mac OS Big Sur (11) RAM: 16GB RAM Hard Drive: 256 GB SSD

Moodle: Students lost their Quiz Answers

> and take notice of <Time Taken> and <Grade>. For example, let's say you set Quiz Duration to 25 minutes and the Maximum Grade to 25 points. If you see that the Student's Time Taken was 22 minutes

Taking attendance with a QR scan code in Moodle and their attendance will be recorded automatically in Moodle. Students will get a confirmation on their phones: “Your attendance in this session has been recorded.” 5. In your