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Basic Personal Computing Device Security Guidelines

We all want to be safe, and have a network that is fast and always available. Here are some recommendations that we in SMC IT Services hope you'll consider as ground rules beyond our ability to enforce them while you are on campus or using Internet-connected SMC resources. ... “spear-phishing” because it is actually targeted directly at you and is an attempt to gain access to confidential information and systems you may have access to, or for identity theft. Social Engineering

Moodle: Requests that are not related to teaching a course

Moodle is a learning management system and is meant for teaching and learning fully online, hybrid and/or to supplement a traditional face-to-face class. Users who receive automatic access to a

Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Your MySMC credentials, consisting of your assigned username and password you create, allow you to access a variety of Saint Mary's online systems. Learn how to create simple secure passphrase that keep you more secure. ... Make Your Password Secure Your MySMC credentials, consisting of your assigned username and password you create, allow you to access a variety of Saint Mary's online systems. You should create

FAQ: Web Publishing

Q: What is Salli? Salli (which is a play on the word "Lasallian") is the name of our website content management system (CMS). Salli is the tool which allows SMC faculty, students and staff to

Moodle - How to: Use the Feedback Activity

feedback on any topic at any time." Under Question and submission settings, set Record user names = Anonymous, Consider setting Allow multiple submissions =Yes to allow students to submit as much

Global Protect VPN Installation (Palo Alto Networks)

access the site) or login to the MySMC Portal ( and click on the VPN icon. Once connected, please download the appropriate software for your system.  The software is called Global

Moodle - How to: Submit a TurnItIn assignment

.  Notes The digital receipt is also available in the My Submissions page. If the Submit paper link is still visible, it means the instructor has allowed multiple submissions. The system may

VCRs and VHS in SMC Classrooms

classroom media system at this time, and broken VCRs will be marked with a red label. Available Options for Viewing VHS You can put your VHS tape on reserve at the library. Students can watch it in

Zoom: Main Host Controls (Apr 20. 2020)

your meetings; more information:  See more details on how to create and launch polls in KBA Zoom Polling. Record: SMC Pro

Info Sheet: IT Development Proposals

-planning-and-policy-community-time).  On this page, you will find much information regarding the College's approach to IT governance, as well as a link to the proposal form under the "Project Charter

Student Email Account Termination

professor stating the student needs the account to make up an incomplete. The expiration date will be the last day of the semester. Data errors in various systems If the account owner suspects

FAQ: Cable TV

into the existing coax cable, perform a auto channel scan (from the setup menu) and then watch TV.  You can use the remote that came with your TV. Further information on how on auto channel scanning

FAQ: Authentication/Login

of the necessary documentation, a record will be created in the College's ERP system (known as Colleague), and IT Services can carry out the process of creation of the account. Q: I am an employee

Moodle - How to: Set up and Take Attendance with Moodle

, be sure Include QR code and Random Password are checked. Also, set the Start time about 10 minutes ahead of the actual class start time.  The system will record QR code scans after Time: from and

Getting started with Polycom X30/Zoom Room

Studio TC8 touch-screen controller that must be paired with and controls the Poly Studio X30 video conference system.     Instructions Locate the TC8 Controller and TV Remote Control