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MySMC Security Questions

process and take advantage of the new self-service features. Security Question Setup Please follow these 3 easy steps to setup your security questions. 1. Sign into MySMC and click on an application

FAQ: Document Imaging/Management

ImageNOW, a sponsor will have to create an Intake proposal that will be reviewed by the IT Services.  If the proposal qualifies to follow the Intake and Governance process (learn more here) then your propsal

FAQ: Constituent Relationship Management

Q: I am an employee of the college working in one of the College's Admissions units and would like to use CRM (Slate) software.  How can I get access? As of September 2017, Slate (by Technolutions

How to automatically forward SMC Gmail messages to another account

available and how to set it up. How to Forward all new emails 1. On your computer, open your St. Mary’s Gmail account; if you are not sure how, log into My Saint Mary’s portal: https://www.stmarys

Moodle - How to: Grade Forums using Ratings

correct grade category for this assignment. Click Save and Display Note that these two processes must be done separately.  Click Menu in the upper left. In the slide-out menu, in the

Moodle: Incorrect Faculty Assignments

issue in the Registrar's office, and sometimes an artifact of the way the GaelXpress - Moodle data sync works. Your Moodle list is missing a course you are teaching  First, be sure to look all the

Moodle: Finding Courses

Relevant To: All SMC students, faculty, and staff who use Moodle You have many ways to find your courses in Moodle. In addition to scrolling down on the Home page to find your courses, there is

How to login into Zoom

Zoom account, and can join from iOS and Android devices. Your SMC zoom page allows you to see your Upcoming, Previous, and Personal Meeting Room and also Schedule, Join, or Host a Meeting. If you are

Moodle: How to create a Sign-Up Sheet using the Choice activity

Relevant To: Faculty What is the Choice activity? The Choice activity allows you to ask a question and set up radio buttons which learners can click to make a selection from a number of

Moodle - Export to Portfolio

Relevant To: Faculty and students in Moodle courses Prerequisites You have access to a Moodle site containing Forum, Open Forum, or Chat activities. Introduction The Export to Portfolio

Moodle Quiz: How to import Aiken format

activity has been created, you can clcik Edit quiz to start adding and/or importing questions.  5. In the [Editing quiz] page select MENU in the upper left and then open the Question bank option to

GaelPrint - Print documents from your laptop

Prerequisites:  You have a SMC username and password. You are using a laptop. You have a document saved on your own laptop and you need to print it while on campus.  IMPORTANT

How to change Resources Block in Moodle

1. Sign into your Moodle course site Homepage and click on <Turn editing on>.  2. Go to the <Resources> Block, click on the [Actions menu] icon and select <Configure Resources block.  3. If

How-To Setup Google Authenticator on MySMC

Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm, for authenticating users of mobile applications. ... 1. Log into MySMC and click My Profile   2. In the 2-Factor Authentication section, select the plus sign ‘+’ to add a new authentication factor.     3. Select Google

Moodle - How To: Move Blocks into or out of the Slide-out Menu

Teacher role of the Moodle site Introduction The left column of a Moodle course page contains Blocks. The Navigation and Administration blocks are required, but others are optional. New Moodle