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Moodle - How to: Switch role to Student

" below your name. To switch back to your normal role, click the User menu again, and select Return To My Normal Role.

Set up SMC Email on an iOS Device

To access SMC Google Mail and Calendar through an iOS device, follow the instructions below.   IMAP Must be enabled on your SMC account. Open your SMC Gmail in a browser and do the following

Google Sheets: How to Color Alternate Rows

easier to read and follow. Some folks call this 'zebra lines'.  Here is how its done in Google Sheets.  Select the cells in which you want to color the alternate rows. In this example, I want

Moodle - How to: Give Feedback to Student Turnitin Submissions

TurnItIn assignment link you put in your Moodle course site You are ready to view your Students' TurnItIn submissions and give feedback To see the Tunitin's tutorials and complete documentation, see

Moodle - How to: View Turnitin Similarity reports

submitted to the TurnItIn assignment link you put in your Moodle course site You are ready to view your Students' TurnItIn submissions and give feedback Go to Step 8 - Viewing Similarity Reports. A new

Moodle - GradeBook Export into Excel

save that file in the appropriate storage area, such as your SMC Google Drive and/or your personal internal or external hard drive.  (5) At this point, you can open the file using MS Excel.

How to submit a ticket for Ed Tech

description of your request; if it is about a course, make sure to include its name, including the section if applicable, and the term. In the “How can we help you?” explain what you need, trying to be as

Proctorio - How to: Connect with Proctorio Live Chat

Turn Editing On. Then, locate and click the quiz  >  Edit  >  Edit Settings. 2.  This next part is not required, but it's good to have it ready as you talk to Proctorio Live Chat. At the Settings

Moodle - How to: Add an Image to a Topic Header

locate and select the desired image file. When you return to the File Picker screen, click Upload This File. You'll return to the Insert/Edit Image box Under Describe this image for someone who

Zoom: What is the Personal Meeting ID?

All SMC community members (faculty, staff and students) have Zoom accounts, which means everyone has a Personal Meeting ID. When do you use your Personal Meeting ID? Use this for impromptu

How to Connect TV to Cable in Residence Halls

Physical connection of TV to Comcast Cable TV system Our Comcast cable TV system is a digital HDTV service that delivers cable channels using a coaxial cable. This article will describe how to

Conference Bridges

Q. Does our phone system support conference calling? A: A conference bridges allows up to 20 participants to join a call simultaneously. The SMC phone system has the ability for conference bridges

Moodle - How to: Add a Kanopy video link to a Moodle site

students can watch the video outside of class time, leaving more class time for discussion. To add a video or Playlist Find the video in Kanopy and display it in a browser page. Copy the URL out of

Moodle - How to: Add Echo 360 Integration to your Moodle site

Prerequisites: You are an instructor in a Moodle course site. Introduction In order to facilitate hybrid and online courses and classes, Saint Mary's College signed up with Echo360, a premiere

Moodle - How To: Send Email via QuickMail

Starting at the course site homepage, locate the QuickMail block and click Compose Course Message At the next page, choose the desired recipients from the To list.  When you click on a user