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Moodle - How to: Make changes to an Assignment (Activity) in the Course Site

(activity) depends on the page you are accessing it from.    Option A: If you are trying to access and edit the assignment (activity) from the course site homepage:   1.  From the course site

Moodle - How to: Unenroll yourself from a course site

Why unenroll yourself from the course? Mainly, due to not wanting to see it in your Moodle course list.  You are not the assigned Teacher of the course and you don't want to see it in your

Communications: Google Hangouts

Q:  What is Google Hangouts? Google Hangouts is a instant message and voice/video chat that works with Google accounts. Text-only chats support up to 100 people, and voice/video chats support up

Zoom: 180-day Purge of Cloud Recordings

The entire SMC community has access to Zoom and the use is increasing. IT Services must manage the limited storage space by purging (deleting) Zoom Cloud recordings. This data storage and system

Moodle/Zoom: How to Invite a Non-SMC user (guest) to a Zoom Meeting that you have in a Moodle Course Site

have in your Moodle course site (1) From MySMC, click Moodle; (2) Locate and click to enter the course site; (3) Confirm that you have already created the Zoom Meeting. Make sure the Zoom

Moodle - How to: Add a Website Link

Prerequisites You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site.   Instructions 1.  Open a browser window, locate the desired website, and copy the URL address. 2.  Go to your Moodle course

Disabling DNS over HTTPS

 Disabled. Click Relaunch to relaunch the browser window with this change.  How To, Newer versions of Chrome: In Chrome's settings, select 'Privacy and Security' In 'Privacy and

FAQ: Faculty Profiles

( and click on the "Edit your Faculty Profile" link under Faculty Campus Resources. To learn more about faculty profile editing access and how to update a faculty profile view the

Google Sites: How to transfer SMC Site to a personal Google Site

Email you will be using (your personal Google email), making sure you select <Can edit> and if you want to be notified by email, also select the box in front of [Notify people]. Remember to click on

Google Groups: Manager Role Instructions

option: To approve the messages, click Approve message . To reject the messages, click Reject message . To approve the messages and automatically approve

User unable to access GaelXpress.

network. GaelXpress cannot be accessed if you are connected to the Guest WiFi network.   2- If you are connected to the SMC WiFi network and using Google Chrome to sign into the SMC portal, you

Moodle: How to add a Label

A "label" is one of the many Resource types and, if used thoughtfully, they can improve the appearance of your course site. You can use a label to create a sub-heading and/or description. You can

Moodle - How To: Move Blocks into or out of the Slide-out Menu

Teacher role of the Moodle site Introduction The left column of a Moodle course page contains Blocks. The Navigation and Administration blocks are required, but others are optional. New Moodle

How-To Setup Google Authenticator on MySMC

Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm, for authenticating users of mobile applications. ... 1. Log into MySMC and click My Profile   2. In the 2-Factor Authentication section, select the plus sign ‘+’ to add a new authentication factor.     3. Select Google

Moodle - How to: View Instructor Feedback for Turnitin

Teacher) in the course site. You are ready to view the Teacher feedback. Instructions Starting at the course site homepage, locate and click the TurnItIn assignment link. Click My