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Parking Permits

Students, Staff and Faculty can apply and register their parking permits online using the icon located on the  the MySMC Portal. (This system goes live his Friday 8/3/18 at 1:00PM) MySMC Button

Paste a link into a text field (forum post, description, etc.)

Copy the link of the web resource you want to link.   For Google Docs, find the doc in the list and click the little link icon.  They system should say “Link copied to clipboard

How-To Setup Security Questions on MySMC

To set security questions for multi-factor verification, do the following:   Log into MySMC and click My Profile     In the 2-Factor Authentication section, select the plus

How-To Create a Free LastPass Account

personal email address that you entered previously and the master password you just created, and then click Log In.    In the next window, click on one of the listed sites to access

Moodle - How To: Embed a Video

exists in a video streaming website, such as YouTube You know how to COPY the URL address of the desired video Instructions Open a browser window, locate the desired video, and COPY its URL address

Zoom: Using Multiple Cameras in Zoom

paper; art, music, or lab demos; or anything you are doing at a desk or table. In a classroom, if there are multiple cameras in a room you can choose one as the primary video feed and one for the

ProQuest Formatting for Thesis Submissions

Some graduate programs require ProQuest formatting for thesis submissions.  The Graduate Student Handbook (2015-6) says, “Thesis, Synthesis Project, and Dissertation Guidelines Some programs require

User Guide: Setup of 3 party Conference while using a Polycom conference telephone

campus dial 9 + telephone number, if on campus dial the 4 digit ext. number, once they answer, ask them to hold and inform them that you will be conferencing in another individual. b) Press the

Connecting a Chromebook to an external display.

learn what type of cable you need, check the instructions included with your Chromebook. Find the display output and input ports on your Chromebook. (If you’re not sure which ports to use, check

How to: Change Your Current Password

This article explains how SMC users can change their existing password if they know their username and password.  This article doesn't apply if users don't know their username or password. 1. Open a

Creating a group email

Quick and dirty how-to on creating an email group. ... . The last page is where you'll be entering all the email addresses for your group. Copy and paste the collected email addresses into the group members box. Designate another person to also

Moodle - Change Role of Participant

Participant already has access to your course.  1.  Starting at the course site homepage, click Participants in the Navigation block. 2.  From the Participants page, locate the Participant, and under

Moodle - How to: Allow a student to re-submit a Turnitin assignment

may need to click to the next page, or select "Show All Entries." To the far right, find and click the trash can icon in the same row as the student's name.  Best practice is to download the paper first, just in case.

Zoom: Participants perspective in Breakout Rooms

)    How Participants can "ask for help" once they are in their breakout rooms As participant, you can <Share screen>, and <Chat> within your group, and <Record> only if the [Host] has given you

Zoom: Host Breakout Rooms controls

(groups) you want to create; select if you want to be created automatically (Zoom assigns participants; for example, if you have 10 participants and create 3 Breakout Rooms, you will have 2 groups of 3