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Moodle: How to Move (Reorder) Items in the Course Site Homepage

You can move (reorder) Resources, Activities and Sections within your course site homepage. NOTE: By default, when you add a new Activity or Resource it will be placed at the bottom of the section

User Guide: Gmail Vacation Settings

response to anyone who contacts them. Click the Gear Icon in the upper right and select Settings. From the General tab scroll down. Click the radio button next to Vacation responder on. Enter the subject

Technology Equipment Rental

IT Services does not keep laptops and other technology equipment on hand for events or long time lending.  IT Services can lend only one type of device to one individual user for a short defined

How To Manually Set up SMC Wifi on a Mac OS X Computer

To connect your Mac OS X device to SMC-WiFi do the following: Click the Apple Icon in the top left of the desktop.   Click System Preferences. Click the Network Icon. Inside the Wi-Fi interface

Moodle - Error message: "Found more than one record in fetch()" in Gradebook

previous courses. Solution Our hosting provider can fix this, usually within two days, if someone from the EdTech team opens a trouble ticket with them. One of the EdTech Team can create a new course, import from the original course, and reset the short name to match the Colleague sync.

Moodle login error

Moodle login error: "User provided by the IdP “[email/username]” not exists in moodle and auto-provisioning is disabled” Relevant To: Moodle users Introduction This error appears when you log into

FAQ: Technology Consulting

the right margin (or down the page if on a small screen). There is a wealth of helpful information on the page, so we hope you will take a look there, and if more information is needed, please be

Google Slides - Basic instructions

to be download as. NOTE: It is best practice to organize your Slides into folders or topics. More information about “Slides” from Google Support:

Moodle - How to: Create a quiz activity link (Part 1)

The Quiz activity allows the teacher to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer, and much more. These questions

Moodle: How to add an Extra Credit grade item

Name> field, type the name of the extra credit item; then, click <Save Changes> 4.  You'll return to the Gradebook Setup page and you should see the item that you just added there. At this point, it

Moodle: How to Move (Reorder) Items in the GradeBook

After you have added Grade Categories and Grade Items, you may need to reorder GradeBook items as they appear in the GradeBook setup page. NOTE: Unless you have organized that item into a Parent

Moodle - How To: See your Student Feedback Surveys

Relevant To: All SMC Faculty and Students. Introduction Instructions on how faculty can view their student feedback surveys in Moodle. Instructions Starting at your Moodle Home page (not a course

FAQ: Technology Training

Q. What technology training is available for the SMC community? A:  IT Services offers technical training for faculty, staff, and students through a variety of training options. Q: Where can I

Canvas - How to: Enable third-party cookies for Proctorio support

Relevant To: Faculty and students working with Proctorio quizzes. Introduction Primary support for Proctorio is through Proctorio itself. A good way to get support is via the chat feature in

Moodle - How to: Add a Label

in the different topics. It is a very versatile resource and can help to improve the appearance of a course if used thoughtfully.  Instructions Starting at the course site homepage, click Turn