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Set up SMC Email on an iOS Device

To access SMC Google Mail and Calendar through an iOS device, follow the instructions below.   IMAP Must be enabled on your SMC account. Open your SMC Gmail in a browser and do the following

Moodle - How to: Give Feedback to Student Turnitin Submissions

TurnItIn assignment link you put in your Moodle course site You are ready to view your Students' TurnItIn submissions and give feedback To see the Tunitin's tutorials and complete documentation, see

How-To Secure Your iOS Device

devices, such as your smartphone and tablet, store a tremendous amount of personal and sensitive information, including your contacts, photos, text messages, and online activity. As such, be sure to protect these devices. ... iPhone to access sensitive Saint Mary's College information, immediately notify the IT Service Desk. SENSITIVE INFORMATION Do not store Saint Mary's College information (and personally

Zoom: Fast easy way to 'Sign in' to zoom with the "sign in with SSO" option

Have you ever been working and pressed a zoom link to join a meeting only to be prompted for you to "sign in"? And if you try to log in via Google, it does not work?   It can be very frustrating and

Handshake - Recruiting Software

Handshake is software used by Career and Professional Development Services.  This software is used for recruiting for employment purposes (rather than recruiting to be a student) It is publicly know

New Student Orientation Portal (VisualZen)

Most incoming students will need to attend orientation.  This service is run by the Office of New Student and Family Programs. To register for a session visit their online registration portal

Moodle - How to: Stop Moodle Assignment Emails

in the course site that contains the assignment, click the Assignment link. Click Menu  >  click Edit Settings  at the Updating Assignment page, locate the Notifications area and expand it (if

Thunder Bird - Clearing Out Old Password

Users may need to change their stored (saved) passwords in Thunderbird after resetting their SMC password. Follow these instructions to clear out all old passwords and history and to enter in the

Moodle - How To: Stop Turnitin Emails

to the section "Turnitin Assignment 2" Uncheck all the check boxes in that section, between "Turnitin Assignment 2" and "System" Scroll down and click Save Changes Notes The Messaging page also

Moodle - How to: Upload a video file into a forum, blog, assignment, or other text area

a course home page, see: How to Add (Upload) a File.  If you want to record directly into a text area, see: Video record directly into Moodle (Poodll). To upload a video file Go to the forum

124 Error using Zoom from Moodle

Relevant To: Faculty using the Zoom activity in Moodle. Introduction The Zoom video conferencing system has a plugin for Moodle that allows your students to enter the conference from the course

Moodle - How to: Make changes to an Assignment (Activity) in the Course Site

(activity) depends on the page you are accessing it from.    Option A: If you are trying to access and edit the assignment (activity) from the course site homepage:   1.  From the course site

Moodle - How to: Unenroll yourself from a course site

Why unenroll yourself from the course? Mainly, due to not wanting to see it in your Moodle course list.  You are not the assigned Teacher of the course and you don't want to see it in your

Communications: Google Hangouts

Q:  What is Google Hangouts? Google Hangouts is a instant message and voice/video chat that works with Google accounts. Text-only chats support up to 100 people, and voice/video chats support up

Zoom: 180-day Purge of Cloud Recordings

The entire SMC community has access to Zoom and the use is increasing. IT Services must manage the limited storage space by purging (deleting) Zoom Cloud recordings. This data storage and system