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Zoom: Fast easy way to 'Sign in' to zoom with the "sign in with SSO" option

Have you ever been working and pressed a zoom link to join a meeting only to be prompted for you to "sign in"? And if you try to log in via Google, it does not work?   It can be very frustrating and

New Student Orientation Portal (VisualZen)

Most incoming students will need to attend orientation.  This service is run by the Office of New Student and Family Programs. To register for a session visit their online registration portal

Thunder Bird - Clearing Out Old Password

Users may need to change their stored (saved) passwords in Thunderbird after resetting their SMC password. Follow these instructions to clear out all old passwords and history and to enter in the

Moodle - How to: Stop Moodle Assignment Emails

in the course site that contains the assignment, click the Assignment link. Click Menu  >  click Edit Settings  at the Updating Assignment page, locate the Notifications area and expand it (if

Moodle - FAQ: Course Site Format

is organized into topic areas that a Teacher can give titles to. Each topic area can consist of activities, resources and labels. This is great to use if your course is objective based and each

EDUCAUSE -Legal Sources of Online Content

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires all colleges and universities to offer legal alternatives to unauthorized downloading. In this article we provide a list of all of the legitimate online services that are approved by the AAP, MPAA, and RIAA. ... CBS Video CD Baby Christian MP Free CinemaNow Clicker (formerly Modern Feed) Comedy Central Video Crackle Criterion Online The CW Video Dimple Records DirecTV Watch Online Disney Videos

Google Docs - Basic instructions

practice to organize your Docs into folders or topics. More information about “Docs: Tips” from Google Support: Beginner:


they can monitor their progress and help keep them safe. (Note: Location services must be enabled on devices for the function to operate.) Student, faculty, and staff information on file at the

Moodle - How to: View Similarity Reports

Teacher) in the course site You are ready to view the Originality Report and feedback Instructions Starting at the course site homepage, locate and click the TurnItIn assignment link

Moodle - How to: resend a Quickmail message

to resend -- remember the subject line. Scroll to the bottom and click Duplicate. This will take you to the "All sent messages" page, but it doesn't remember which message you want to resend.  To

Moodle - How to: Delete an Activity (i.e. Assignment) from the GradeBook

site homepage, click Turn Editing On; 2.  Locate the assignment and click Edit  >  Delete  >  at the Confirm box, click Yes   3.  The activity will now be removed from the course site homepage, as well as the GradeBook.

How to import Word File into Google Docs

1. Open <Google Docs> by selecting the [Google Apps] icon next to the St. Mary’s logo and clicking on [Google Docs] icon. 2. Select the [File picker] icon in the middle right corner, below

Moodle: How to Move (Reorder) Items in the Course Site Homepage

You can move (reorder) Resources, Activities and Sections within your course site homepage. NOTE: By default, when you add a new Activity or Resource it will be placed at the bottom of the section

User Guide: Gmail Vacation Settings

response to anyone who contacts them. Click the Gear Icon in the upper right and select Settings. From the General tab scroll down. Click the radio button next to Vacation responder on. Enter the subject

Technology Equipment Rental

IT Services does not keep laptops and other technology equipment on hand for events or long time lending.  IT Services can lend only one type of device to one individual user for a short defined