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Graphic/logo file not showing up in my gmail signature.

the bottom right side of the message (see pic below). Select to uncheck rich text mode. Close the current draft and open a new email draft. Your image should appear in your signature (see pic below).

What is NeoGov?

NEOGOV is a 3rd party vendor used by Human Resources at SMC. This software is primarily used for the the hiring process by this HR. See the Human Resources site to learn more or see the information

Moodle - How to: Allow a student to re-submit a Turnitin assignment

may need to click to the next page, or select "Show All Entries." To the far right, find and click the trash can icon in the same row as the student's name.  Best practice is to download the paper first, just in case.

Moodle - Change Role of Participant

Participant already has access to your course.  1.  Starting at the course site homepage, click Participants in the Navigation block. 2.  From the Participants page, locate the Participant, and under

How to: Change Your Current Password

This article explains how SMC users can change their existing password if they know their username and password.  This article doesn't apply if users don't know their username or password. 1. Open a


:  How do I connect via WiDi? For information on how to connect to WiDi, see our user guide. Q: Can I use my Android phone or tablet? Maybe.  It depends on the device manufacturer and the

Google Calendar - Basic instructions

and new meetings during this time?”, select <Save & decline>.  NOTE: More information about “Overview: What can you do with Calendar?” from Google Support:

Zoom: Use Case Online Class Session

1. Sign into your Moodle course site Homepage and click on <Turn editing on>. 2. Decide on what section or topic you want the Activity recording the guest speaker in class link to appear and click

How To: Set up SMC Wifi on an iOS Device

SMC-WiFi After selecting SMC-WiFi a screen appears asking for your SMC username and password. Enter your SMC username and password and select Join. Tap Trust at the top right corner of the next screen. To confirm the device is connected look for the check mark next to SMC-WiFi.

Zoom: Participants perspective in Breakout Rooms

)    How Participants can "ask for help" once they are in their breakout rooms As participant, you can <Share screen>, and <Chat> within your group, and <Record> only if the [Host] has given you

Moodle: Missing (aka "orphaned" sections in course)

from an older course site. The older site probably had more sections (aka "topics" or "weeks") available and the newer site had only 1 section available.    1.  From the course site homepage

How to Enable Stapling on Print Jobs for Ricoh Printers for Mac

1. Open System Preferences and click on Printers & Scanners. 2. Select the printer that you would like to change finisher settings on & click on Options & Supplies. 3. Select any

How To: Set up SMC Wifi on Windows 7

Setting up SMC Wifi on Windows 7 Computer. To connect your Windows 7 device to SMC-WiFi do the following: Click on the Open Network and Sharing Center in the Bottom Right corner of the desktop’s

FAQ: Streaming TV (XFinity on Campus )

information. Q. If I have a support issue or question, who do I contact? A: Please contact the Xfinity on Campus support team via their web page  There is a support button in the lower right hand corner.

EDUCAUSE -Legal Sources of Online Content

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires all colleges and universities to offer legal alternatives to unauthorized downloading. In this article we provide a list of all of the legitimate online services that are approved by the AAP, MPAA, and RIAA. ... CBS Video CD Baby Christian MP Free CinemaNow Clicker (formerly Modern Feed) Comedy Central Video Crackle Criterion Online The CW Video Dimple Records DirecTV Watch Online Disney Videos