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Graphic/logo file not showing up in my gmail signature.

the bottom right side of the message (see pic below). Select to uncheck rich text mode. Close the current draft and open a new email draft. Your image should appear in your signature (see pic below).

Zoom: Polling

Polling: Allows to create single or multiple-choice polling questions for your meetings; more information: CREATING A

Zoom Student: Online Class Session

you are not signed into Zoom, you might get a message Sign in message, just select <Sign in to start>, and enter your SSO (SMC username/password) information. 4. If you are not automatically

How To: Set up SMC Wifi on an iOS Device

SMC-WiFi After selecting SMC-WiFi a screen appears asking for your SMC username and password. Enter your SMC username and password and select Join. Tap Trust at the top right corner of the next screen. To confirm the device is connected look for the check mark next to SMC-WiFi.

Turning OFF secure DNS in Google Chrome to access GaelXpress.

In Google Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right corner. That'll take you into your Chrome Settings.     Next, click on Privacy and security on the left side pane

ITS Equipment Lending App

IT Services provides short-term Equipment lending services to SMC students, faculty, and staff.  Go to MySMC and login into your SMC account. Click on All Apps. Click on ITS Equipment


:  How do I connect via WiDi? For information on how to connect to WiDi, see our user guide. Q: Can I use my Android phone or tablet? Maybe.  It depends on the device manufacturer and the

Google Calendar - Basic instructions

and new meetings during this time?”, select <Save & decline>.  NOTE: More information about “Overview: What can you do with Calendar?” from Google Support:

Zoom: Use Case Online Class Session

1. Sign into your Moodle course site Homepage and click on <Turn editing on>. 2. Decide on what section or topic you want the Activity recording the guest speaker in class link to appear and click

Setting Up Apple Mail with SMC Email

( and click Next. Sign in with your SMC Username and password. Select the apps you would like to use with the account. At minimum, Mail should be selected. Click Done. Close the Account screen.

Google Calendar - Large Meetings

on the original calendar from which the event was created. Select Export guest responses to Sheets. Google Sheets will make a list from the most current RSVP list.  To update the information

How to Set a User Override or Group Override for a Quiz or Assignment

can override, for example, Quiz and Lesson can override the Time limit. For more information, see this YouTube video or Moodle Quiz documentation https

FAQ: Apple TV

Q:  What is Apple TV? Apple TV is a digital media player and micro-console. It is a small network appliance and entertainment device that can receive digital data from a number of sources and

How-To Secure Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices are a great tool to enable work and communication on the go. With the convenience offered by mobile devices, however, comes a risk to personal privacy and university data. ... , faculty and staff are encouraged to follow the guidelines below to protect personal and University information in the event of a lost or stolen mobile device. SECURE YOUR DATA AND EMAIL

WebDam: Digital Asset Management System

WebDam is a digital asset management system (Image Library) maintained and organized by College Communications. The site is found at To request access or to learn more