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Moodle - How To: Create an Interactive Video Quiz

. Put this information into a text document such as Google Docs, MS-Word, NotePad, TextEdit, pencil-and-paper, etc. If it's a YouTube video, go to that page, click Share, and copy the URL of the video

YouTube: How to upload a video to your SMC YouTube Channel

are stored in your local computer, do NOT upload the videos into your Moodle course site in the same way you would upload a Word document. Rather, upload the videos into your SMC YouTube Channel and

FAQ: Technology Consulting

Q: What technology consulting services can I receive at SMC? For faculty and staff, IT Services provides individualized consulting support for a project or idea intended to adopt and use technology

Google Sites: How to transfer SMC Site to a personal Google Site

Site, and if you click on the <Share> button, you can see you are the owner of the Site.  NOTE: If you have any pictures, documents, or images saved in your SMC Google Drive that you use or publish in your Google Site, make sure you also copy all these files into your personal Google Drive.

Google Sites - Basic instructions

adding content by inserting text, images, documents from your google drive, etc. You can even add links to external pages by adding text and then selecting the <link> icon. 5. If you want to add

Google Drive File Stream

from Documents, Desktop, or other folders. Selected folders automatically on the local computer automatically sync to My Drive online. What do users need to do? To

Illegal File Sharing FAQ

that copyright holders have significantly intensified enforcement using automated scanning software to identify infringements, no matter how small. Historically, settlements with individual students

6.1 Campus Unavailable IT Procedures - User IT Procedures

the unpredictable nature of a rolling blackout or other incident, this document can only provide general guidelines and suggest options you should consider.   Contact the Service Desk at 925-631-4266

New Faculty Information Sheet

Apps: A suite of communication and collaboration applications that allow you to work from any device on documents and projects. Accessed through My Saint Mary’s. Online storage may be accessed here

FAQ: Center for Teaching and Learning: EdTech

other multimedia equipment Moodle Google Mail Shared interactive documents (Google Drive) Flipping the Classroom Teaching with Interactive Projectors Open Educational Resources (free online

Clearing Browser Data - Cache and Cookies

cache or temporary internet files, are a way that browsers download website images, data and documents for faster viewing in the future. By keeping a local copy of some website information, your browser

Information Security Policy

contracted work; and participate in the security incident management process where appropriate. 2.4. Public Safety Public Safety (PS) works with the ISO to investigate and document Information

Technology Use Policy - Mobile Use Policy

documented by the User, an exception to this provision may be obtained after approval by the appropriate subcommittee of the Technology Planning and Policy Committee (TPPC). Peer to Peer (P2P) File

FAQ: Technology Purchasing

concerns that the item you are wishing to purchase might be somehow considered technology, it is probably safe to submit a TPR. To learn more continue reading this document. Q: Can I order

Moodle - How to: Give Feedback to Student Turnitin Submissions

TurnItIn assignment link you put in your Moodle course site You are ready to view your Students' TurnItIn submissions and give feedback To see the Tunitin's tutorials and complete documentation, see