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Moodle - How to: Set up and Take Attendance with Moodle

session for today. Change the date and time as needed, and scroll down and click on <Add>. 3. If you want students to use QR code scanning, check Allow students to record own attendance.  Then

Zoom: Using Multiple Cameras in Zoom

In Zoom, you can add a secondary camera feed using the Screen Share menu. This means you can use a document camera or a DIY solution such as a webcam with a flexible tripod to capture writing on

Email Lists for Staff and Faculty

This document explains how staff and faculty are assigned to email lists at SMC. The difference between all.staff@stmarys and all.faculty@stmarys versus staff@stmarys and faculty@stmarys. Note

Attendance2 Quickstart

mark present. You can take attendance with QR code scanning, but the instructor’s device must do the scanning. It has a Status2 field, which could be used for participation. You can email individual

TurnItIn Viewing Instructor Feedback

will open a new tab displaying the online Document Viewer You will see instructor feedback in the paper at the places where the instructor put it. Click the little blue bubble in the right menu to

Zoom: Host Share screen control

participants any document, slide presentation, videos, etc. you are watching in your screen; after selecting (below Desktop 1) don’t forget to select <Share>. If you want participants to hear your

User Guide: Cable TV Channel Lineup

Cable Channels Provided by Comcast/Xfinity Users will need to perform a channel scan on their TV before they will be able to view the HDTV channels. Information on channel scanning can be found on

Moodle - How to: Add a Infobase: Learning Cloud Module

, click here: For suggested topics for students, click here:

ProQuest Formatting for Thesis Submissions

guide from ProQuest One-on-One Support The  Center for Writing Across the Curriculum can assist

Faxing Services

Q: Can I request or receive a fax from some central location? The fax machine is available anytime the Service Desk is open.  Faxed documents can be sent or received from this machine.  If

FAQ: Google Slides

: How can I share my Google Slide with others? Because Google Slides is a Google Doc, it can be shared through Google Drive. For more information on how to share documents using Google Drive, please

Communications: Google Hangouts

to 15. To learn more about Google Hangouts see Google’s support documents. Q: How do I access Google Hangouts? There are multiple ways to access Google Hangouts, including through Gmail or Google

Getting Started with Zoom

documents and tutorials. (See links below.) Prior to your first session, both hosts and attendees should join a test meeting  to ensure their computer or device can run Zoom. Hosts computers need to

Moodle: Students lost their Quiz Answers

minimize the possibility of Students losing their Moodle Quiz Answers? Advise your students to copy/paste the questions and their answers into a separate document as they are taking the Quiz. That

Student Chosen Name FAQ

still continue to be used for official transcripts, diplomas, financial aid documents, payroll, and other instances where a legal name is required by law or university policy. Limitations Chosen