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Antivirus for Student Computers

-demand antivirus scanning & background on-access protection. Installing Avast Free Mac Security Download the Setup file for Avast Free Mac Security* Run the downloaded Setup file

Information Security Policy

Saint Mary's College of California Institutional Information Security Policy Read the Saint Mary's College of California IT Security Policy (PDF).     Associated Documents

What is the Tech Bar?

Scanning and creating PDFs  (There are scanners in the Tech Bar located in the Library. Setting up an iOS or Android device to receive SMC email Giving hands-on support with hardware and software

How to Connect TV to Cable in Residence Halls

connect the TV to the coaxial TV cable. Once the TV is physically connected, users will need to perform a digital channel scan.  Find instructions online to learn how to conduct a channel scan for your

Moodle - Enter scores for Students

will turn an orange color. This is to indicate that you have made a manual entry and are overriding a grade that may have been entered in the activity's Document Viewer.   To grade a Moodle

How to import Word File into Google Docs

<Start a new document> to the right, almost at the same level than <Recent documents>. 3. Select the <Upload> tab, and you can either click on <Select a file from your device> or directly drag and

How to change Resources Block in Moodle

the <Insert/edit link> icon. 5. A pop-up window will allow you to change the link (A), or select a document from the <Browse> icon (B). 6. If you open the <Browser> menu, a pop-up window

FAQ: Google Drive

experience after downloading the Google Drive Application. Q: What is the difference between Google Documents, Google Docs, and Google Drive? Google Documents is a Google Doc used for creating and

Moodle - How to: Access Student TurnItIn Submissions

only shows 10 entries.  Select Show All Entries in the drop-down box if you have more than 10 students. Click a Student's paper link to enter the TurnItIn Document Viewer  See How to view

How-To Setup Google Authenticator on MySMC

Authentication from the dropdown menu. 4. Scan the barcode presented on screen.     5. Input the security code generated by Google Authenticator and click Continue.   Remember that the

Moodle - How to: View Turnitin Similarity reports

tab will open up and you will be viewing the TurnItIn site's Instructor QuickStart Guide. Notes To help document suspected plagiarism, use the Text-only report.  There is a link to it at the

Google Docs - Basic instructions

document> or open <Recent documents>. Select the big plus sign with the words <Blank> underneath and you will see a blank page with a standard set of word processing tools at the top. As soon as you type

Student Learning Tips & Tricks

word document (i.e google docs) before clicking submit. Benefit from the Cloud: Google’s apps (drive, docs, slides, etc.) automatically save your documents after every

Global Protect VPN Installation (Palo Alto Networks)

your Saint Mary's user id is a prerequisite to use the VPN.  Please see KB0011137 for more information on setting up Duo Multi Factor Authentication. 1. Purpose The purpose of this document is

FAQ: Cable TV

into the existing coax cable, perform a auto channel scan (from the setup menu) and then watch TV.  You can use the remote that came with your TV. Further information on how on auto channel scanning