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Moodle - How to: Add Echo 360 Integration to your Moodle site

 provider of class capture and video management solutions. There are two main ways that Echo360 integrates with Moodle: A button in the text editor that can embed an Echo360 An External Tool

Zoom Student: Online Class Session

your meeting Zoom will ask if you want to <Join with Computer Audio> or <Test speaker and microphone>. It is recommended to test your speaker and microphone before your meeting to ensure proper

Communications: Google Hangouts

Q:  What is Google Hangouts? Google Hangouts is a instant message and voice/video chat that works with Google accounts. Text-only chats support up to 100 people, and voice/video chats support up

Zoom: Use Case Recording a Guest Speaker in Class

email in your St. Mary’s Google account with 2 links.       14.1. The first link will take you to your recordings in Zoom cloud, so you can download or edit your video and audio recording

Zoom: Main Host Controls (Apr 20. 2020)

unmuting your microphone Stop Video: By clicking on it, Zoom changes between turning on or off your camera (video) Security: New control added March 2020; it allows to <Lock Meeting

Getting started with Polycom X30/Zoom Room

Introduction     The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddle and small conference rooms.​​​  The X30 has built in cameras and microphones to provide a No PC or MAC Laptop

Transferring your Google account (Google Takeout)

archive button To view a video demonstration of this process watch this video tutorial on Youtube: TRANSFER METHOD: If you only want to migrate your email and Google Drive to another gmail account go to 1:40 on this video.

Migrating SMC gmail data to another gmail account.

data to another gmail account, watch the following video for detailed instructions of the transfer procedure; (click on this link) --> Transfer your Gmail and Drive with Google takeout for Schools

Google Slides - Basic instructions

previous session by selecting <Restore this version>. 9. If you want to add a video, select <Insert>, <Video>. 10. You can <Search> in YouTube, enter the URL of the selected video (as in the

Zoom: Schedule a Meeting

recurring meeting.     3. For <Video>, click <On> for both Host and Participant. For <Audio>, select <Both>. For <Meeting Options>, choose your preferred options. (NOTE: Most people select <Enable

Moodle - How to: Create a Group Assignment

if the group is required to submit a video or audio recording, take a snapshot, or submit a drawing; Choose File Submission of the if the group is required to submit a file, such as a Word file

Using Wacom Pen Tablet CTL-4100

has some documentation and tutorials. NOTES: Getting Started with Intuos VIDEO: Using Pen and Touch: Learn how to get started with your new Intuos in this tutorial explaining how to make

Moodle - How to: Add and Start a Zoom Meeting in your Moodle course site

Relevant To: Instructors in a Moodle course Introduction Zoom is the primary video conferencing system supported by the College.  Faculty can use it for online class sessions, online office

124 Error using Zoom from Moodle

Relevant To: Faculty using the Zoom activity in Moodle. Introduction The Zoom video conferencing system has a plugin for Moodle that allows your students to enter the conference from the course

Zoom: Add your Personal Meeting Room as "Online Office Hours" in your Moodle course site

to whoever you provide the link to. Users entering the video conference will probably have to re-authenticate with their SMC credentials.    This icon is a Zoom Meeting activity and is specific