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FAQ: Campus Authentication Portal

. The SSO components as well as various other security controls and logic will be handled in the back end through OneLogin. The new MySMC lets you sign in once and get access to all of your cloud

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of attack carried out to steal usernames, passwords, credit card information, Social Security numbers, and/or other sensitive data. Phishing is most often seen in the form of ... Overview Phishing is a type of attack carried out to steal usernames, passwords, credit card information, Social Security numbers, and/or other sensitive data. Phishing is most often seen in the

User unable to access GaelXpress.

Security... Next, click on Security on the right half of the page... Next, scroll down the right half of the page to Advanced. Directly under Advance will be the SecureDNS preferences

LastPass End User FAQ's

it-security ... more forgotten passwords Increased security for corporate and personal data  2. How will users get access to LastPass? They will receive an email from LastPass with instructions on how to

Canvas - How to: Enable third-party cookies for Proctorio support

Chrome Click settings from the drop-down menu Click Privacy and security Click Cookies and other site data Select either "Allow all cookies" or "Block third-party cookies in incognito" There is no Save, it takes automatically

How-To setup 2-Factor Verification on Google

required to present something you know (Password) and something you have (your phone or other security key). ... Verification you add an extra layer of security to your account. Most people only have one layer - their password - to protect their account. With 2-Step Verification, if an attacker hacks through the

How to: Install, Access, Logout of the SMC Virtual Desktop

.   2. Click the All Apps icon  3. Click the VPN icon  4. You will see a connecting to VPN box and the OneLogin Security Questions. Enter the answer to the security question. (NOTE: If

Thunder Bird - Clearing Out Old Password

updated password for the account. 1.  Open Thunderbird. From the top menu click Tools, then Options. A window will appear. 2. Click on the Security tab, then the Saved Passwords button. The Saved

How To Manually Set up SMC Wifi on a Mac OS X Computer

  Security: WPA2 Enterprise Mode: Automatic. Username: Your SMC Username. Password: Your SMC Password. Click OK. The Verify Certificate window will pop up.  Click Continue The computer will open a

How To: Set up SMC Wifi on Windows 7

list of available WiFi networks, click on “Open Network and Sharing Center.” Select “Manually Connect to a Wireless Network.” Key in the following:   Network Name:  SMC-WiFi   Security: WPA2

How-To Secure Your Android Device

. WEB BROWSER SETTINGS Block pop-up windows. Disable "Remember form data." Turn off "Enable location." Turn off "Remember passwords." Enable "Show security warnings." Turn off

Zoom: Curious about Zoom Bombing? Here are the Best Ways to Secure Your SMC Zoom Meetings

Meeting Security Button  Tip 2:  Create a Waiting Room to Admit Participants  Tip 3: Make Sure Only the Hosts Can Share Their Screen Tip 4: Put Someone in the Waiting Room or Kick Them Out

User Guide: Technology Quick Start Guide for Staff

. Password Reset - As a measure of security you should change your initial password as soon as possible.  Go to and follow the prompts to change your password.  You

Technology Use Policy - Mobile Use Policy

, portable digital media or any other device containing legally protected and sensitive information as defined by the SaintMary’s College Institutional Information Security Policy, or any other College

Technology Equipment Lending Timeframes

the DUE DATE.  If there is sufficient inventory, IT Services may lend out comparable equipment at return of the current item.  For security purposes, IT Services does not extend lending periods over the