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Moodle - How to: Download instructor files

" on your computer.    Prerequisite User must be a "Teacher" of a Moodle course site   To Download your files From your Moodle home page, click Menu in the upper left in the blue

Moodle - How to: Add a Discussion Forum

Prerequisites You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site Instructions  1.  Starting at the course site homepage, click Turn Editing On 2.  Decide which section you want the forum to

Moodle - How To: Add the QuickMail Block

Prerequisites You hold the Teacher tole in the Moodle course site. Introduction The Quickmail block is an easy way to send email to students' SMC email accounts.  It is included in most courses by

Moodle - Editors: Atto vs. TinyMCE

Relevant To: All Moodle users Introduction Moodle has two text editors, TinyMCE and Atto.  While they are called text editors, they actually manipulate the HTML languate of the web, and so are

Moodle - How to: Use the Feedback Activity

Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course Introduction The Feedback activity can be used to gather anonymous feedback from students during a course, while it's fresh in their minds, instead of having

Moodle: First Time Zoom Error

Relevant To: Faculty using Zoom from within Moodle Introduction Instructors can create a Zoom room right inside the Moodle course. If you see this error, it indicates that your Zoom account has

Moodle - How To: Grant an extension in an Assignment

Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course  Prerequisites You are a teacher in a Moodle course site Introduction For those occasions where you choose to grant an extension for a single student, you

Moodle - How to: Add a Website Link

Moodle_URL_02.png ... Prerequisites You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site.   Instructions 1.  Open a browser window, locate the desired website, and copy the URL address. 2.  Go to your Moodle course

Moodle - How to: resend a Quickmail message

Relevant To: Users in a Moodle course site Prerequisites You are a user in a Moodle course site You have permission to send via Quickmail The course site has the Quickmail block Introduction

Moodle - How To: Add a Profile Image

Moodle_Profile_NewPicture.png ... Users can add their image by editing their user profile.  This image appears in various places throughout Moodle, including forum posts. Instructions Starting at any Moodle page, locate and click

Moodle: How to - Filter Gradebook by Groups

Setting Moodle gradebook to show only students from a specific group. ... moodle ... Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course Prerequisites: You are a teacher in a Moodle course site You have students sorted into two or more groups. See KB articles How to Create Groups and

Moodle - FAQ: Course Site Format

Relevant To: users who hold a Teacher role of a Moodle course site. Introduction There are several course site formats to choose from in Moodle: Topics format (default) Weekly

Moodle - How To: tips for quiz security

moodle ... Relevant to: Faculty in a Moodle course Prerequisites: You are a teacher in a Moodle course site Introduction One of the major concerns for online quizzes -- whether part of a face-to

Moodle: Requests that are not related to teaching a course

Moodle is a learning management system and is meant for teaching and learning fully online, hybrid and/or to supplement a traditional face-to-face class. Users who receive automatic access to a

Moodle - Combine course sites into one

Relevant to: Teacher   Can I combine my multiple course sites into one? Yes, you can, but you don't have access to do this on your own. You must submit a request and an EdTech teah member