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Moodle: Requests that are not related to teaching a course

Moodle is a learning management system and is meant for teaching and learning fully online, hybrid and/or to supplement a traditional face-to-face class. Users who receive automatic access to a

Moodle - How to rename roles in a course

Relevant to: Faculty using Moodle Prerequisites You are a Teacher in a Moodle site Instructions 1. Select the Moodle course you want to rename roles in, click on <MENU> in the top

Moodle - Combine course sites into one

Relevant to: Teacher   Can I combine my multiple course sites into one? Yes, you can, but you don't have access to do this on your own. You must submit a request and an EdTech teah member

Moodle - How to: Add a Group Forum

they cannot access and discuss in Group B's forum. Prerequisites: These instructions assume the following: You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site You have already created groups

Moodle: Students lost their Quiz Answers

When Students attempt a Quiz, Moodle auto-saves their answers. However, there are rare occasions where Students lose their answers to a Moodle Quiz they submitted. Why does this happen? It is

How to change Resources Block in Moodle

1. Sign into your Moodle course site Homepage and click on <Turn editing on>.  2. Go to the <Resources> Block, click on the [Actions menu] icon and select <Configure Resources block.  3. If

Moodle - How to: Create a Group Assignment

instructions assume the following: You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site You have already created groups and added members into them. If you have not done this step, before you continue

Moodle - How To: Use the Journal Activity

Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course site. Introduction The Moodle journal activity module allows teachers to collect online text from students, review it and provide feedback and/or grades

Moodle - How to: Submit a TurnItIn assignment

Prerequisites You hold a Student role in the Moodle course site The Teacher has already created a TurnItIn submission link that is viewable and accessible to students in the course site

Moodle - FAQ: Course Site Format

Relevant To: users who hold a Teacher role of a Moodle course site. Introduction There are several course site formats to choose from in Moodle: Topics format (default) Weekly format Grid

Moodle - How to: Switch role to Student

Prerequisites These instructions assume the following: You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site Introduction The switch roles feature allows a user to switch temporarily to another role from

Moodle - How To: Stop Turnitin Emails

Relevant To: All SMC Faculty Introduction By default, Turnitin assignments email instructors every time a student uploads a submission. To Stop Turnitin Emails Log into Moodle Click Preferences

Moodle - How To: Add and Remove Topics

Moodle_AddRemoveSections.png ... Teacher of a Moodle site.  Adding topics Starting at the course site homepage, click Turn Editing On. There may be an Add topics link:  Click this to add one or more topics.  Select the

Moodle - How to: Add (Upload) a File

Moodle_DragFile.png ... Prerequisites You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site.   Before you continue, consider the following: BEST PRACTICE!     Upload your files into your SMC Google Drive and then share

Moodle - How to: Integrate an External Tool

Relevant To: Faculty with a teacher role in a Moodle course site Introduction There are an increasing number of third-party educational tool and content companies that support a standard