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Moodle: Using rubrics in TurnItin

TurnItin Higher Education Instructor Help: Creating a rubric or grading form during assignment creation Rubric scorecards and grading forms help to evaluate student work, based on defined

Moodle - How to: Add a Label

Prerequisites These instructions assume the following: You hold a Teacher role on the Moodle site Introduction Labels can be used to add text,images, multimedia or code in between other resources

Moodle: Incorrect Faculty Assignments

Relevant To: Faculty using Moodle Introduction It occasionally happens that your course list in Moodle will not match the courses you are actually scheduled to teach.  This is sometimes an

Moodle - Enter scores for Students

Prerequisites:  You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site   ⭐️ How you enter scores for Students will depend on the type of item it is.    To grade a Grade Item that you manually

Moodle - FAQ: My Courses

Relevant To: All Moodle users Introduction The Moodle homepage includes My Courses, View My Courses, and My Dashboard, which show you all the Moodle course sites you have access to. If you hold

Moodle - How To: Embed a Video

Relevant to: Users with the Teacher role in a Moodle site Prerequisites These instructions assume the following: You hold a Teacher role on the Moodle site You want to embed a video that already

Moodle - How to: Grading a Group

Relevant to: Faculty in a Moodle course Prerequisites You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site You have already created Groups and added Members to those Groups You have already created a Group

Moodle: Using rubrics in Assignments

Prerequisites You hold a Teacher role of the Moodle site. Introduction Rubrics are both a way to communicate expectations to students, and an easy way to grade student work.  You specify the

Moodle - Change Role of Participant

Relevant to: Any user who holds a Teacher role in a Moodle course Prerequisites You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site Instructions NOTE:  These instructions assume the

Moodle - Quiz: Review Options

appear below the answer and when clicked the student will submit that response and then receive immediate feedback. Notes Visit Moodle's site for quiz review options for further

Moodle: How to add a Label

A "label" is one of the many Resource types and, if used thoughtfully, they can improve the appearance of your course site. You can use a label to create a sub-heading and/or description. You can also

Moodle - How to: Add and Start a Zoom Meeting in your Moodle course site

Relevant To: Instructors in a Moodle course Introduction Zoom is the primary video conferencing system supported by the College.  Faculty can use it for online class sessions, online office

Moodle - How to: Integrate an External Tool

Relevant To: Faculty with a teacher role in a Moodle course site Introduction There are an increasing number of third-party educational tool and content companies that support a standard

Moodle - Editors: Atto vs. TinyMCE

Relevant To: All Moodle users Introduction Moodle has two text editors, TinyMCE and Atto.  While they are called text editors, they actually manipulate the HTML languate of the web, and so are

Moodle - How to: Use the Feedback Activity

Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course Introduction The Feedback activity can be used to gather anonymous feedback from students during a course, while it's fresh in their minds, instead of having