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How to Connect TV to Cable in Residence Halls

Physical connection of TV to Comcast Cable TV system Our Comcast cable TV system is a digital HDTV service that delivers cable channels using a coaxial cable. This article will describe how to

FAQ: Cable TV

Q: Are cable TV services available in the residence buildings? Comcast/Xfinity Cable provides cable HDTV service to the residential buildings on campus. For most TV's, you can plug your TV directly

Creating a GMail Signature

An email signature is a bit of text, such as a user’s contact information or a favorite quote, that’s automatically inserted at the bottom of every message they send. To create a new signature

FAQ: Epson Brightlink 595wi Interactive Projector

Q: Which Classrooms/Spaces have Interactive Projectors (Epson Brightlink 595wi) ? Art 004 (Digital Arts Lab) Brousseau Hall 109, 113, 114, 119 Cassin Student Union: Grad Student Lounge/Study Area

How-To Setup Google Authenticator on MySMC

1. Log into MySMC and click My Profile   2. In the 2-Factor Authentication section, select the plus sign ‘+’ to add a new authentication factor.     3. Select Google

Zoom Student: Group Work

LOGIN INTO ZOOM 1. Log into My Saint Mary’s portal: 2. Select the <Zoom> icon on the bottom.  3. As a SMC student you will have a Zoom Pro account, in order

FAQ: Data Protection and Privacy - Best Practices

Q: What is the nature of the data, and why do we need to protect it? One of the most important, if not the most important, asset of the College is the information contained on campus servers, various

Information Security Policy

Saint Mary's College of California Institutional Information Security Policy 1.0. General Policy Statement College information and data, whether maintained in hard copy (i.e. on paper) or