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Authenticating with DUO on MySMC

Using the Duo Prompt Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8 or later. After completing Duo enrollment through the MySMC Portal, you'll see the Duo Prompt

Communications: Google Hangouts

Q:  What is Google Hangouts? Google Hangouts is a instant message and voice/video chat that works with Google accounts. Text-only chats support up to 100 people, and voice/video chats support up to

DUO - Using The Self-Service Portal

Overview Duo's self-service portal saves time for users by eliminating the need to contact the IT Service Desk for authentication device changes. Your users can add, edit, and remove authentication

Wireless Network at SMC

Wireless network computing (aka WiFi) is available in classrooms, offices, residence halls, the library, meeting rooms, dining facilities and other indoor locations. The College hopes to expand WiFi


Note:  This service is owned by Public Safety at SMC.  Should you have questions or need support contact the Public Safety Department. Online:  Phone (925

How-To Secure Your Android Device

ANDROID CONFIGURATION Update firmware to the latest version that is available for your device. Require a passcode. Don't use a simple passcode. Set an auto-lock timeout to five minutes or

LastPass End User FAQ's

1. What’s the value of using LastPass? LastPass securely stores all of your passwords and automatically logs you into your online accounts. It even completes all the checkout and shipping forms for

How-To Redeem a LastPass Premium license

Notes:  You will need to have a free or Premium (paid) LastPass account before you can claiming the free premium LastPass license. If you don’t yet have a LastPass account, click here to create

How to Install and Configure Google Drive App for an iOS device - User Guide

The Google Drive application can be installed on a computer or mobile device. This is the most efficient way to store and share files at Saint Mary’s College.  In addition, using the Google Drive

Info Sheet: IT Development Proposals

Saint Mary's College of California practices IT governance, which is to say that significant changes or additions related to the development of the College's IT resources require proposals that are

Technology Use Policy

Saint Mary's College of California Technology Use Policy Saint Mary's College of California ("Saint Mary's") is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to offering a Catholic, Lasallian

Graphic/logo file not showing up in my gmail signature.

If your Gmail signature image is not showing in a draft (see pic below)... ...your email format is configured for plain text mode. To change this setting, select the icon of three dots on

Switching to Chat from classic Hangouts

Why is Google Workspace moving to Chat? We're excited to transition Google Workspace users to Google Chat. Now every organization can benefit from our newest enterprise-grade team collaboration

How-To Secure Your iOS Device

IOS CONFIGURATION Always update firmware (iOS) to latest version. Turn off 'ask to join networks' and auto-join for all networks. Turn off Location Services unless necessary for specific

FAQ: Google Drive

Q:  What is Google Drive? Google Drive lets users store and access their files anywhere -- on the web, on a hard drive, or on the go. Google Drive runs on Google’s online servers under the Saint