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Moodle - How to: Access your Echo360 Account, Create a Course Section, and Download Universal Capture: Personal

moodle ... Prerequisite: You are a Teacher of a Moodle course Site. Introduction: Accessing your Echo360 account happens via your Moodle course site. The Echo360 Link on your Moodle course site

Zoom: Add your Personal Meeting Room as "Online Office Hours" in your Moodle course site

end result of this process is a URL that links to your Zoom Personal Meeting Room that you happen to use as "Online Office Hours". Please note that this is different a Moodle "Zoom Meeting" activity

Moodle - How to: make an Activity (i.e. forum) available to groups on certain dates and times (add restrictions)

To make an Activity (i.e. forum) available to different groups on certain dates and times, you will need to add restrictions.  Prerequisites You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site These

Discussion Forums: Students Can’t Post because they are not in a Group Message Appears

moodle ... Prerequisites You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site.  Introduction Your students receive this message when trying to post to a discussion forum: "you are not able to create a

Group Mode Icons - Settings and Course Materials:

moodle ... Prerequisites You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site.  Introduction Moodle uses icons to indicate the group status of individual items.  How to use Group Icons 1. Figure 1

Proctorio - How to: Connect with Proctorio Live Chat

Prerequisites: You are a teacher that setup a quiz in Moodle that is proctored by Proctorio. You are a student that a quiz in Moodle that is proctored by Proctorio. You have the Chrome

Student Pictures in SMC Roster report

Relevant To: Faculty in a Moodle course site Prerequisites You are a teacher in a Moodle course site Introduction Moodle does not require users to upload a user picture, though it is an

Paste a link into a text field (forum post, description, etc.)

Relevant To: All Moodle users. Prerequisites You have access to a Moodle course site, and need to include a link (URL) Introduction Instructors can add course content links into a Moodle

e-Learning Systems - FAQ

Q: I would like to use a blog as a means to extend class discussion beyond the classroom.  What does the College offer me in this regard? Certainly, there are discussion forums in Moodle that may

How to Set a User Override or Group Override for a Quiz or Assignment

Occasionally, you may need to give a student or group of students more time to take a quiz, to retake a quiz, or to complete an assignment.  Some Moodle activities allow for "User Override", which

TurnItIn Viewing Instructor Feedback

moodle ... instructor's marks in it. Digital Receipt downloads a receipt in PDF format that includes the date and time uploaded. Originally Submitted File downloads the paper exactly as uploaded, but in PDF format. When done, close the tab to return to Moodle.

How to: Embed a YouTube video into a course page

Embed a YouTube video into Moodle or Canvas ... Relevant To: Users in a Canvas or Moodle Prerequisites: You are can edit a page or text block (e.g., discussion board, Assignment prompt, etc.). Use a Mac, PC, or Chromebook -- it’s totally

TurnItIn: Student grades have already been entered, but the Maximum Grade is wrong

Prerequisite: You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site. You have already setup a TurnItIn assignment (activity) in your Moodle course site. Instructions:    The short answer is

Gradebook message about deleted activities

Moodle Message: "Note: Graded activities were recently deleted, and are marked [Deletion in Progress], but their grades are still being calculated in the totals.  Deletion should be completed within

Attendance2 Quickstart

Relevant to: Faculty who want to take attendance for their classes outside of Moodle.   Introduction Attendance2 is an iOS app designed to take attendance in schools.  It works on iPads and