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Global Protect VPN Installation (Palo Alto Networks)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Effective: February 4, 2019 Contact: Information Technology Services (ITS Introduction Saint Mary's College has a Palo Alto Networks (PAN) VPN solution that

6.1 Campus Unavailable IT Procedures - User IT Procedures

 download the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client, which allows you to connect to the campus network. Examples of applications hosted on campus include FS2 and Colleague.   Our VPN uses two-factor

Informer Overview (No longer in service)

currently a part of single sign-on. The password is not the same as the user's email password. The user must be connected to the VPN if accessing off-site. There is also a link from Colleague UI under the help menu.   updated 4/27/20 by Hailey Yaffee

How to: Install, Access, Logout of the SMC Virtual Desktop

browsing application (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge).   These instructions include Part 1 - Instructions for How to install to Global Protect VPN Part 2 - Instructions for How

Microsoft BitLocker Key Recovery Guide

and displaying the following screen. In order to access the Self-Service portal (, you will need to be on campus using the campus network OR connected via VPN

FAQ: Data Protection and Privacy - Best Practices

sensitive data while connected to a wireless network, unless there is no wired access available. Wired access is always more secure. If a wireless connection must be used, use a VPN (Virtual Private

ITS Service Desk Service Level Agreement

troubleshooting Smart Mobile Phone and Computer App assistance Fictitious Accounts Remote Access (Virtual private network - VPN) Basic functions and troubleshooting

Information Security Policy

“trusted” connections using NIST standard encryption methods. Data Users working outside of Campus should only use a secure VPN to connect to the Campus network. Email: Covered or Confidential data