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Setting Up Apple Mail with SMC Email

mac-mail ... The instructions below will walk you through setting up email in Apple Mail. (Mac Mail) Open Apple Mail. Select Mail in the upper left. Select Accounts > Google. Enter your SMC address

Moodle - How To: Add the QuickMail Block

Prerequisites You hold the Teacher tole in the Moodle course site. Introduction The Quickmail block is an easy way to send email to students' SMC email accounts.  It is included in most courses by


- Standard Option 2 Polycom VVX 301 Corded Business Media Phone System - 6 Line PoE Corded Voice Over IP Phone SIP Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 6-Line Operation Remote Missed Call

Moodle - How To: Send Email via QuickMail

Relevant to: Faculty using Moodle Introduction QuickMail is a default Block  used to email all participants of the course or a selection of participants.  Prerequisites These instructions

Student Learning Tips & Tricks

Windows - NVDA , Chrome - Read Aloud Extension Voice dictation: Apple - System Preferences>Keyboard> Dictation, Windows - Windows logo key + H, Chrome - Voice In Voice Typing extension, Google Docs - tools > voice type speaker notes

Communications: Google Hangouts

Q:  What is Google Hangouts? Google Hangouts is a instant message and voice/video chat that works with Google accounts. Text-only chats support up to 100 people, and voice/video chats support up

FAQ: GMail

e-mail ... Q: What is Gmail? A: Google Mail, also know as Gmail, is an email client produced by Google as a part of Google Apps at Saint Mary's. Using Gmail, SMC users can easily and quickly share

Moodle - How to: Give Feedback to Student Turnitin Submissions

The Moodle Instructor's Home Page - the index of all guides for what we're using. Commenting Tools - adding feedback directly into the paper Voice Comments - adds a personal touch to grading papers (Note: These links open a new browser tab or window)

Deprecated Support for Less Secure Apps in Google (Effective Feb 2020)

. Blocking these apps and devices helps keep our users and data safe. Examples of apps that don’t support modern security standards include: Native mail, contacts, and calendar sync

Creating a GMail Signature

e-mail ... applications, such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or Outlook, follow the directions from the application's help feature. For more information about Gmail Signatures, visit the following link at Google's

User Guide: SMC Email Using Outlook

e-mail ... : xxxxxx) Next, Google will ask you if you want to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Apps; Click ALLOW Closed the browser window. Optional: You can import mail from your old email address

Set up SMC Email on an iOS Device

e-mail ... To access SMC Google Mail and Calendar through an iOS device, follow the instructions below.   IMAP Must be enabled on your SMC account. Open your SMC Gmail in a browser and do the following

How to automatically forward SMC Gmail messages to another account

Gmail account, and refresh your browser. Select again the <Forwarding and POP/IMAP> tab and click on <Forward a copy of the incoming mail to> and select the option more convenient for you. If you select

User Guide: SMC Email using Thunderbird

e-mail ... , then choosing “Add Mail Account” under Account Actions in the bottom left corner.  Enter the user’s full name, full SMC email address (, and SMC password and click

Zoom: Starting a meeting

test your microphone, say something short such as “Testing 1, 2, 3” and listen; if you hear your voice replayed, your microphone is working satisfactorily, select <Yes>.  6. Finally, you get a