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FAQ: Technology Training

training ... Q. What technology training is available for the SMC community? A:  IT Services offers technical training for faculty, staff, and students through a variety of training options. Q: Where can I

FAQ: Security Awareness Training

Q: How do I confirm that I have completed a module in the Security Awareness Training Program?  Log into Moodle with your account. Click on the Security Awareness Training course. Scroll

Zoom Kit - How to Use, Reserve, and Video Demonstration

and using a zoom kit requires some minor training.  Please contact the IT Service desk at 925-631-4266 for more information and training support.  Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How does

Colleague Overview

Training Colleague Training specific to your job will be provided by your department. Documentation and guidelines for data entry should also be available in your department. In cases where you have

FAQ: Audio/Video Support

detail, please contact the IT Service Desk. (See contact information above.) Q: How can I learn to use the media/computer equipment in my classroom? As part of our training and consultation service

FAQ: Apple TV

Apple devices. Q:  How can I get training? To request training with IT Services on using Apple TV, please use the Training and Consulting Request Form found here within the IT Services Service

Using SMC Google Docs

training ... Q:  What is Google Docs? Google Docs is one of Google’s Core Applications, and refers to the documents users create and manage through Google Drive. Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Slides

Google Forms

training-survey ... Q: What is Google Forms? Google Forms is an application used to creating online forms or surveys, quizzes and more. Q:  How can I access Google Forms? Log into  Google Drive. Click the

FAQ: Google Slides

training ... Q: What is Google Slides? Google Slides is a Google Doc which is used for creating slideshows and presentations. Q:  What is the difference between Google Slides and other presentation programs? As

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom web conferencing is the preferred SMC cloud solution for hosting webinars, conducting online training, and virtual meetings. If you have never used Zoom we recommend viewing their supporting

What is the Tech Bar?

training ... Q: What is the Tech Bar? The Tech Bar is part of IT Services and is staffed with user friendly IT consultants ready to offer assistance with a project, help solve technology problem, or provide

FAQ: Google Drive

training ... Q:  What is Google Drive? Google Drive lets users store and access their files anywhere -- on the web, on a hard drive, or on the go. Google Drive runs on Google’s online servers under the Saint

e-Learning Systems - FAQ

, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of online education courses or training programs.  Moodle, aka GealLearn, is the College's current LMS.

VCRs and VHS in SMC Classrooms

connection Wirelessly via AppleTV or WiDi Support The EdTech Center is available for training on classroom technology, and can help identify resources, or digital content for you. Drop in the library

How to Install and Configure Google Drive App for an iOS device - User Guide

training ... The Google Drive application can be installed on a computer or mobile device. This is the most efficient way to store and share files at Saint Mary’s College.  In addition, using the Google Drive