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e-Learning Systems - FAQ

e-learning-systems ... synonym provides some consistency with respect to purpose. Q: I am curious why Moodle is referred to as a Learning Management System, when there are many such systems in use at SMC not referenced in this

Faxing Services

new fax line services are needed, a new line of service with ATT must be requested through our ticketing system.     •    * The request must be authorized by a budget manager.
     •    * Service

ITS Service Desk Service Level Agreement

The ITS Service Desk Service Level Agreement. This article covers what services are provided by the ITS Service Desk in order to provide optimal expected service. ... Service Desk SLA.pdf ... systems affected by the issue. At this point the Service Desk analyst assigns an initial impact and urgency to calculate the priority of a service request.        Request Prioritization The

Informer Overview (No longer in service)

records-and-information-systems ... and report from official college records stored in the Colleague database. Getting Started An Informer login must be requested by your manager or supervisor. The Request for Access form may be

Moodle: Requests that are not related to teaching a course

system to suit your needs.  Here are some examples of department requests and how to move forward: You want a Moodle site for faculty to share resources and activities for how to teach a

FAQ: Records and Information Systems

Q: I have heard references to companies called Datatel and Ellucian as if they are the same company.  Are they? IT Services supports the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application known as

WebDam: Digital Asset Management System

WebDam is a digital asset management system (Image Library) maintained and organized by College Communications. The site is found at To request access or to learn more

FAQ: Requirements for Cable Television Service

All televisions on campus must contain a QAM digital tuner to receive cable channels. Older analog televisions are no longer compatible with the college's cable TV system. Most televisions today are

How to submit a ticket for Ed Tech

1. Go to ITS portal 2. Select <General Service Request>.   3. Select <Submit a Request>.     4. Type a short

FAQ: Audio/Video Support

of the Library. This location is configured with  the SMC standard classroom A/V systems. Training can be scheduled in the Ed Tech Center using the the  IT Services Self-Service Portal  form. Drop in

FAQ: Web Publishing

do I create an online form (webform, payment form)? Online Forms (rsvp, contact us, etc.) To request an online form fill out a web services form request  (

FAQ: Equipment Removal

machine, you will need to request cancellation and/or other changes to the service. Q: Who do I contact to get the equipment removal scheduled? Complete the Equipment Removal Form to request this service.   Updated by rpearson, 6/13/18

FAQ: Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles can also be found on the main web site under each academic department. To submit a request for help visit the IT Services Self Service Portal Q: Who can have a faculty profile

New Faculty Information Sheet

request form on the IT Self-Service Portal. (Login required)   St Albert Hall Library: Online resources can be accessed here: Facilities Resource Map: Classroom and

Student Email Account Termination

available to alumni. To request an alumni e-mail account, visit: Requests for Extension In some cases