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FAQ: Repair

repair ... Q: Who do I contact when my college-owned technology equipment is in need of repair? The IT Service Desk can be reached at (925) 631-4266 (or at and provides triage for

VCRs and VHS in SMC Classrooms

Effective May 31, 2018: IT Services will no longer be replacing or repairing broken VCRs in the classrooms. We are making this change because VHS players are no longer being manufactured, and repair

Technology Use Policy - Mobile Use Policy

private communications, data or information that a User may store on Saint Mary’s mobile computing equipment will be exposed to Saint Mary’s during routine maintenance and repair (see 3.0 below

FAQ: Replacement

inconvenience of repair on a printer exceeds the cost of a new printer. The most egregious examples are replaced annually. IT Services has future intent to establish a replacement schedule for all

How-To Secure Your Android Device

. Avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots. Don't "root" your phone or install third-party firmware. Erase all data before return, repair, or recycle. Consider using a third-party app to securely erase data