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QuickStart for New Faculty

QuickStart for New Faculty ... /7.   How do I get my SMC username/email and password? After your Human Resources paperwork is processed, you will receive your username/email from your hiring department or via

New Faculty Information Sheet

new-faculty ... SMC Username and Email: This username is given to you by the school. It consists of your initials and a number. Ex. "John A. Smith"becomes "jas4.” Your username is used to log into computers and

New Student Guide to Technology at SMC

new ... Saint Mary's ID - Your SMC ID is the 7 digit number on your ID card. Keep your ID with you at all times to check out books, eat at Oliver Hall and use other services on campus. Saint Mary's

New Student Orientation Portal (VisualZen)

Most incoming students will need to attend orientation.  This service is run by the Office of New Student and Family Programs. To register for a session visit their online registration portal

Zoom: Breakout Room *new option* - "Let participants choose room " ( Zoom Update 10/20 )

Zoom has an exciting new option for Breakout Rooms-  "Let participants choose room".    This is great for virtual events, conferences, and instructional activities. If you are the "Host" in a

FAQ: Authentication/Login

concerns with respect to the protection of data and personal identity. Q: I have hired a new employee who needs access to SMC resources immediately. How can I make sure that my new hire has an

User Guide: Technology Quick Start Guide for Staff

new-hire ... Saint Mary's ID - Your SMC ID is the 7 digit number on your ID card. Keep your ID card with you at all times to use services on campus. Saint Mary's Username - The username is given to you by the

What is NeoGov?

NEOGOV is a 3rd party vendor used by Human Resources at SMC. This software is primarily used for the the hiring process by this HR. See the Human Resources site to learn more or see the information

How to: Change Your Current Password

current password in the “Current Password” box. then enter your new password in the “New Password” & “Re-type New Password” boxes and then click SAVE. Password must be: At least 16 character in length

DUO - Using The Self-Service Portal

authentication factors from the already familiar Duo Prompt page. Experience With self-service you can enroll a new mobile phone, tablet, or landline. You can also rename an existing phone or tablet device

Moodle - How to: Add a Website Link

  >  click Add. 5.  At the Adding A New URL page, Under General, In the Name field, type a descriptive name for the website. In the External URL field, PASTE the URL address.    Under

How to change Resources Block in Moodle

and uploaded; it is good practice, to open the new document in a new window to avoid replacing the course with the resource, select <Open in a new window (_blank)> in the [Target] option. Remember to

Moodle - How to: Participate in a discussion forum (add a topic and/or reply)

forum, decide if you want to Add A New Discussion Topic or if you want to Reply to an already existing post. To add a new discussion topic, click Add A New Discussion Topic (will display "Add a new

How to import Word File into Google Docs

<Start a new document> to the right, almost at the same level than <Recent documents>. 3. Select the <Upload> tab, and you can either click on <Select a file from your device> or directly drag and

FAQ: Technology Purchasing

want-new ... from ITS. Q: My computer is running slow/getting old and I want a new one… When can I upgrade my computer? A: For full-time Faculty and Staff, SMC purchased laptops and desktops can be upgraded to