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FAQ: Equipment Moves

Q: How do I arrange for a move of IT equipment so that it will be properly set up in its new location? The scheduling of intra or inter-office moves of College-owned IT equipment is supported by IT

FAQ: Equipment Removal

Q: I have some IT equipment that has been wasting space here on campus.  How can I get it removed? IT Services safely and responsibly removes SMC owned technology equipment. All information stored

Technology Equipment Rental

IT Services does not keep laptops and other technology equipment on hand for events or long time lending.  IT Services can lend only one type of device to one individual user for a short defined

ITS Equipment Lending App

equipment-lending ... IT Services provides short-term Equipment lending services to SMC students, faculty, and staff.  Go to MySMC and login into your SMC account. Click on All Apps. Click on ITS Equipment

Technology Equipment Lending Timeframes

equipment-lending ... The Borrower is required to read and sign the Equipment Liability Release Agreement as part of the lending agreement at time of equipment check out in Galileo 111. Note:  IT Services lending pool is

Moodle: How to Move (Reorder) Items in the GradeBook

added to the GradeBook in the order that you added the item. Prerequisite You are a Teacher of a Moodle course site Instructions 1.  Locate the item that you want to move and the place

Moodle - How To: Move Blocks into or out of the Slide-out Menu

Relevant To: Faculty using Moodle Introduction By default, Moodle course sites come with several blocks, which you can move into or out of the slide-out menu to the left. Prerequisites You hold a

Moodle: How to Move (Reorder) Items in the Course Site Homepage

You can move (reorder) Resources, Activities and Sections within your course site homepage. NOTE: By default, when you add a new Activity or Resource it will be placed at the bottom of the section

FAQ: Repair

equipment ... Q: Who do I contact when my college-owned technology equipment is in need of repair? The IT Service Desk can be reached at (925) 631-4266 (or at and provides triage for

Technology Use Policy - Mobile Use Policy

Saint Mary's College of California Policy for College-Provided Mobile Computing 1.0 General Mobile computing equipment belonging to Saint Mary’s College of California (Saint Mary’s), such as

VCRs and VHS in SMC Classrooms

classroom-equipment ... Effective May 31, 2018: IT Services will no longer be replacing or repairing broken VCRs in the classrooms. We are making this change because VHS players are no longer being manufactured, and repair

FAQ: Replacement

Q: When will my College-owned computing equipment be replaced? College-owned desktop and laptop computers for full time staff and faculty are replaced on a 4.5 year replacement cycle. You can

How to import Word File into Google Docs

into a particular folder, select <File> and then <Move>. 6. A pop-up window will allow you to select the folder you want to move it to, and select <Move>. In the example below, it will move the

Moodle’s Recycle bin

moves to the Recycle Bin for 7 days before permanent deletion. It takes up to 15 minutes after deletion to appear in the Recycle Bin. If there is nothing in the Recycle Bin, then the link won't appear in

FAQ: Apple TV

equipmenthardware ... wireless, Apple TV allows users the ability to move freely around the classroom without interrupting connection from their iPad to the display. Further, since Apple TV allows users to easily switch