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e-Learning Systems - FAQ

e-Learning-Systems ... manner.  Why? The education industry in the US (and globally) assigned the reference "Learning Management System" (LMS) to a specific class of applications designed for the administration

FAQ: Center for Teaching and Learning: EdTech

Center-for-Teaching-and-Learning ... Q: What is the Center for Teaching and Learning: EdTech? The Center for Teaching and Learning: EdTech is the conceptual framework that will support the importance of IT in the teaching, learning and

Creating a GMail Signature

email ... An email signature is a bit of text, such as a user’s contact information or a favorite quote, that’s automatically inserted at the bottom of every message they send. To create a new signature

User Guide: SMC Email Using Outlook

email ... Exchange server, IT Services understands the desire to stick with known software.  If you have such a wish, and if you're comfortable with (and have access to effect) the technical nature of the

User Guide: SMC Email using Thunderbird

email ... To use Mozilla Thunderbird, follow the instructions below. IMAP must be enabled on your SMC account. Open your SMC Gmail in a browser and do the following: Sign in to Gmail. Click the gear in

User Guide: Gmail Vacation Settings

email ... Users can set up a vacation response in their SMC Gmail settings that will automatically reply to anyone who emails them. While the vacation responder is enabled, Gmail will send an automatic

Setting Up Apple Mail with SMC Email

email ... The instructions below will walk you through setting up email in Apple Mail. (Mac Mail) Open Apple Mail. Select Mail in the upper left. Select Accounts > Google. Enter your SMC address

Set up SMC Email on an iOS Device

email ... To access SMC Google Mail and Calendar through an iOS device, follow the instructions below.   IMAP Must be enabled on your SMC account. Open your SMC Gmail in a browser and do the following

FAQ: GMail

email ... Q: What is Gmail? A: Google Mail, also know as Gmail, is an email client produced by Google as a part of Google Apps at Saint Mary's. Using Gmail, SMC users can easily and quickly share

Digital Literacy Program

literacy for teaching, learning, and scholarship Aim of the DLP The aim of the DLP is to establish a shared vision of digital literacy contextualized for SMC along with best practices, in alignment with

Moodle - How to: Integrate an External Tool

integration with Moodle. Textbook publishers such as Pearson and Norton use a protocol called LTI (Learning Technologies Interoperability) to enable their web-based tools to synchronize data with Moodle

Web Portal Overview (My.SMC)

. The My Saint Mary’s Portal allows for single sign on, meaning you only have to sign on once to the portal to connect to many onlilne services. (Email, Moodle, GaelXpress, GaelPhone and more

Moodle: Requests that are not related to teaching a course

Moodle is a learning management system and is meant for teaching and learning fully online, hybrid and/or to supplement a traditional face-to-face class. Users who receive automatic access to a

FAQ: Data Protection and Privacy - Best Practices

Data protection is the primary goal of the organized effort to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of covered and confidential data through technical safeguards, and personal and institutional security practices. Read more about Data Protection and Privacy in this FAQ. ... information assets should not be available to unauthorized persons, by College policy. Some of it is critical for the timely delivery of information and tools for teaching and learning. It is a fundamental

Web Conferencing: Google Meet

to be sent to other participants To begin the meeting simply click on the provided URL and then select Join Meeting For more in depth information about Google Meet refer to this page posted on the G Suite Learning Center:!/