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Scanning Documents

document-scanning ... There are several scanning locations in the library.  To receive help or to learn how to scan a document or item, visit the Tech Bar located on the first floor of the library. Our scanners can create PDF, JPG and PNG files.

FAQ: Document Imaging/Management

Imaging? The College employs applications that will work well for small scale document scanning and imaging operations.  For example, a desktop scanner and Google Drive can be used to replace a

Taking attendance with a QR scan code in Moodle

students can scan with their phone. Also select the box “Automatically select highest status available” and “Require network address”. Select <Add>. 2. Once the Session has been created, select the

GaelPrint - Print documents from your laptop

Prerequisites:  You have a SMC username and password. You are using a laptop. You have a document saved on your own laptop and you need to print it while on campus.  IMPORTANT

GaelPrint - Print documents from your mobile device

have in the queue.    10.  Per Step 1, you should already be located close to the printer. Scan the QRCode with your smart phone's camera. Scanning the QR code will open your smart phone's

FAQ: GaelPrint

Q. What is GaelPrint? A:  GaelPrint is a system that offers St. Mary's students convenient and flexible printing options. Students can print in classrooms and labs as well as use Cloud Print to

Quick Start Guide: Cloud Printing at the Library

Download the PDF. It has quick start steps to cloud printing at the library. These same steps are posted on posters near the printers in the library

Printing Costs and Credits

Printing Costs     Color Grayscale Color duplex* Grayscale duplex* Letter

How to Enable Stapling on Print Jobs for Ricoh Printers for Mac

1. Open System Preferences and click on Printers & Scanners. 2. Select the printer that you would like to change finisher settings on & click on Options & Supplies. 3. Select any

How to transcribe audio using Word in Office 365.

 portal and locate Office 365 portal in Google apps... In your Office 365 portal, click on Word... Click on Create New to create a new document... On the document toolbar, click

User Guide: TV setup

Perform channel scan for digital TV channels Step 1 - Physically connect TV to coaxial cable network You will need to supply a coaxial patch cable to connect your TV to the Saint Mary's coaxial cable

Efax on GoTo Connect/Jive

send and receive faxes with your email.  With eFax, all you need is email to send and receive faxes. If you have paper documents that you need to fax, you will need to scan them to a PDF file.  Our

Using SMC Google Docs

Q:  What is Google Docs? Google Docs is one of Google’s Core Applications, and refers to the documents users create and manage through Google Drive. Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Slides

Moodle - How to: Grading a Group

Document Viewer will open. If a file was submitted for this group, the file will appear in the Moodle Document Viewer. If the assignment didn't require a file submission (such as a Group Oral

Moodle - Orange grade cells (overridden grades)

, Moodle expects you to enter the students' earned grades (scores) in that assignment's Document Viewer. EXAMPLE 1: Orange grade cells will appear if you, instead, enter the earned students' score