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User Guide: Setup of 3 party Conference while using a Polycom conference telephone

three-way-calling ... Setting a 3-way phone call using a PolyCom Conference telephone A three way phone call is a good method of making ad-hoc conference calls that have a limited number of participants. If you have more

Conference Bridges

Q. Does our phone system support conference calling? A: A conference bridges allows up to 20 participants to join a call simultaneously. The SMC phone system has the ability for conference bridges

Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom is a web conferencing platform available to faculty at Saint Mary’s College. See below for more information about features, and how to access the Zoom service, or request a Pro account.  If you

Web Conferencing: Google Meet

Google Meet is a web conferencing option available to all St. Mary's employees and students. For students this is the recommended web conferencing software. Meet can be accessed by navigating

Moodle - How to: Use Zoom video conferencing

Relevant To: Students in a Moodle course Introduction Zoom is a video conferencing system supported by the College.  Some faculty use it for hybrid or online class sessions, online office hours

Getting Started with Zoom

conference ... Zoom web conferencing is the preferred SMC cloud solution for hosting webinars, conducting online training, and virtual meetings. If you have never used Zoom we recommend viewing their supporting

Getting started with Polycom X30/Zoom Room

Introduction     The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one video bar for huddle and small conference rooms.​​​  The X30 has built in cameras and microphones to provide a No PC or MAC Laptop

124 Error using Zoom from Moodle

Relevant To: Faculty using the Zoom activity in Moodle. Introduction The Zoom video conferencing system has a plugin for Moodle that allows your students to enter the conference from the course

Communications: Google Hangouts

web-conferencing ... Q:  What is Google Hangouts? Google Hangouts is a instant message and voice/video chat that works with Google accounts. Text-only chats support up to 100 people, and voice/video chats support up to


view, and HD auto light correction—plus dual mics for clear stereo sound. Everything you need to look great in conference calls and record polished demos. Two microphones, one on either side of the

Zoom: Add your Personal Meeting Room as "Online Office Hours" in your Moodle course site

to whoever you provide the link to. Users entering the video conference will probably have to re-authenticate with their SMC credentials.    This icon is a Zoom Meeting activity and is specific

Start the Zoom Meeting that is in your Moodle Course Site

Participants to see.
) Upon entering the video conference, if you see a random string of letters/number as your meeting screen name, make sure to change it to your proper name so you are properly

Zoom: Breakout Room *new option* - "Let participants choose room " ( Zoom Update 10/20 )

Zoom has an exciting new option for Breakout Rooms-  "Let participants choose room".    This is great for virtual events, conferences, and instructional activities. If you are the "Host" in a

Digital Literacy Program

-picked for our SMC faculty (e.g. Classroom Technology, Digital Collaboration Tools, Web Conferencing, Accessibility, Moodle, Apple and Google Certification, Copyright, and focused on Literacy Across Disciplines).

Moodle - How to: Add and Start a Zoom Meeting in your Moodle course site

Relevant To: Instructors in a Moodle course Introduction Zoom is the primary video conferencing system supported by the College.  Faculty can use it for online class sessions, online office