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FAQ: Audio/Video Support

video ... Q: I need support for my audio/video needs.  Who in IT Services do I contact? There are a fairly wide variety of audio/video needs at Saint Mary's College of California.  To request help with these

Installing Loom as an extension in Google Chrome.

The following procedure is to install Loom as an extension in Google Chrome. The installation should be similar whether you are on a Mac or a Windows computer.   In Google Chrome, open a Google

Doceri - Connect to Teacher Station with iPad - User Guide

On the teacher station Login to the Teacher Station In the classroom media rack, make sure the PC light is on and the Display light is on. Once the Teacher Station desktop appears, launch Doceri

What is the Tech Bar?

Bar? Listed below are examples of support that a user might ask for, but any technology question is welcome. Moodle, Google Apps, MS Office Audio & Video Editing and publishing Screen capturing

Moodle: How to - Embed Echo360 Media into Moodle

                                                                                                            (Figure 2) A dialog box appears with the Library tab active. It lists the Echo360 audio, video, or interactive media you own. (See Figure 3) If you need to upload media to embed

Moodle - How To: Embed a Video

Relevant to: Users with the Teacher role in a Moodle site Prerequisites These instructions assume the following: You hold a Teacher role on the Moodle site You want to embed a video that already

Moodle - How to: Use Zoom video conferencing

Relevant To: Students in a Moodle course Introduction Zoom is a video conferencing system supported by the College.  Some faculty use it for hybrid or online class sessions, online office hours, or

How to: Embed a YouTube video into a course page

Embed a YouTube video into Moodle or Canvas ... different on a phone or tablet. Introduction There are actually several different ways to embed a YouTube video in a page, but this way works similarly in both Moodle and Canvas. Vimeo and other

Moodle - How To: Create an Interactive Video Quiz

Relevant To: All SMC Faculty using Moodle Moodle – How to: Create an Interactive videos  You can use interactive videos to engage your students or reinforce learning (formative assessment) or

Moodle - How to: Record Video Directly into Moodle (Poodll)

video button allow you to take a single snapshot, record audio only, or insert a drawing into the text box. If the conversion seems to be taking too long, say twice as long as the recording, it may

Zoom Kit - How to Use, Reserve, and Video Demonstration

Zoom Kit A Zoom Kit allows for hosting a medium to large video conference in a space that is, normally, not technically equipped for it. The Zoom Kit consists of a web camera, USB Microphone, a

Moodle - How to: Add a Kanopy video link to a Moodle site

Relevant To: All SMC Faculty Introduction Kanopy is a video library accessible through the SMC Library.  If you play VHS or DVD content for your classes, consider using an online link instead, so

YouTube: How to upload a video to your SMC YouTube Channel

DID YOU KNOW?   SMC members have their own SMC YouTube Channel.  BEST PRACTICE (for Faculty who want to share videos with their students in the Moodle course site)   -->  If you have videos that

Moodle - How to: Upload a video file into a forum, blog, assignment, or other text area

Relevant To: Any Moodle user Introduction If you already have a video file, or create a video file to put on Moodle, this is how best to upload into a text area.  For an instructor uploading to

Moodle - How To: Have Students Record Directly into Moodle

record video directly into Moodle.  This includes almost every text input box.  Users can record video, record audio, take a snapshot, or draw on a digital whiteboard.  The tool is called Poodll, and