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Information Security Policy

Deputy CTO, the ISO and the ITSSC, the CTO will develop both enhancements to the Information Security posture of the College as a part of the IT Roadmap, and proposals to improve this Policy. 2.2

MySMC Security Questions

Overview IT Services announces an enhancement to our SMC authentication process.  In addition to providing increased account security, it will ease the process to reset your password. Users who log

FAQ: Security Awareness Training

Q: How do I confirm that I have completed a module in the Security Awareness Training Program?  Log into Moodle with your account. Click on the Security Awareness Training course. Scroll

Moodle - How To: tips for quiz security

-face, hybrid, or online class -- is student cheating. Whether they Google questions, se Tips and tricks to make it harder to cheat on quizzes Fourteen Simple Strategies to Reduce Cheating on

How-To Setup Security Questions on MySMC

Saint Mary's uses security questions to provide you with a secondary method to identify yourself on MySMC. Security questions provide an additional layer of protection to your account in the event ... To set security questions for multi-factor verification, do the following:   Log into MySMC and click My Profile     In the 2-Factor Authentication section, select the plus

Basic Personal Computing Device Security Guidelines

We all want to be safe, and have a network that is fast and always available. Here are some recommendations that we in SMC IT Services hope you'll consider as ground rules beyond our ability to enforce them while you are on campus or using Internet-connected SMC resources. ... usually come with selectable security levels, and you should choose the highest level that is practical for you. Be aware that if a firewall is not configured carefully, it can also block traffic that is

FAQ: Data Protection and Privacy - Best Practices

Data protection is the primary goal of the organized effort to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of covered and confidential data through technical safeguards, and personal and institutional security practices. Read more about Data Protection and Privacy in this FAQ. ... it-security ... it is closed, ensuring others do not prop the door open, keeping controls of keys etc. is the 90%.  The investment in the technical security solution is worthless without the user’s active and

Deprecated Support for Less Secure Apps in Google (Effective Feb 2020)

Less secure apps can make it easier for hijackers to break into user accounts and devices. Blocking sign-ins from these apps helps keep accounts safe. For these reasons, Saint Mary’s College and Google are limiting password-based programmatic sign-ins to Google Accounts. ... it-security ... Apps that are less secure don't use modern security standards, such as OAuth. Using apps and devices that don’t use modern security standards increases the risk of accounts being compromised

Send & Open Confidential Emails

it-security ... recipients from accidentally sharing your email, it doesn't prevent recipients from taking screenshots or photos of your messages or attachments. Recipients who have malicious programs on their computer may

LastPass End User FAQ's

it-security ... create an account and complete the setup process.  3. I lost my invite, how do i get a new one? Please call or enter a ticket with the Service Desk. A member from the IT Security team will issue you

How-To Setup Google Authenticator on MySMC

security code is only valid as long as its displayed.   6. Your registered device will appear under 2-Factor Authentication in the security tab, with the attributed credential ID

Turning OFF secure DNS in Google Chrome to access GaelXpress.

...     Next, scroll down the page to Privacy and Security click on Security...     Next, scroll down to Advance. Right below Advance, Use secure DNS. Turn OFF the toggle switch if it

Antivirus for Student Computers

-virus software, you may click the Install button. Microsoft Security Essentials will update itself and initiate a virus scan. After the update and initial scan have completed, the status bar will

DUO Multi Factor Authentication

Duo Security is a company that provides a cloud-based software service that utilizes two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to services and data. This factor is available on MySMC for Faculty and Staff. Read about how it works here. ... What is Duo Security? Duo Security is a company that provides a cloud-based software service that utilizes two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to services and data. What is Two-Factor

Password Policy

not required at this time. Any password used for access to Saint Mary’s IT resources should be unique and not used for access to any other site or application. 3.0 Security Passwords used for access